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Writing Meme and Little Darrow Map

I finally thought of 10 of my writing idiosyncrasies. You know it's a bogwitch fic because:

1. Long, long, long, long, sentences that never stop yet can't seem to be broken up.
2. Big paragraphs that scare people.
3. An obsession with the weather and the sky in general.
4. As little dialogue as I can get away with (though I'm much better these days).
5. Illyria will fix you with a hard stare. So watch it.
6. Jokes that no one, or very few people (usually non-Americans) get. Iced Gems?
7. Long words because I believe in the dictionary, blame my mum for drilling these things into me as a child.
8. People sigh a lot and if they don’t, they shrug or frown. This is because I can't think of anything else.
9. Paragraphs of flowery prose, which get turned on their head by a punchline at the end. Because I can't resist.
10. Missing words. The of my existence.

And an extra for good measure:

11. Very little sex and what there is, is very, very weird.

Feel free to suggest more and stroke my battered ego.

Now for your viewing pleasure, complete with my very own handwriting, for those 2 or 3 people who might care:

Image hosting by Photobucket
*Not to scale (obviously)

I forgot to label the Vicarage behind the church (complete with the summerhouse thingy that I've forgotten what I've called it).

I was going to leave the posting of Chapter Fifteen until tomorrow, but as I couldn't wait I will post a drabble instead.


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Very enjoyable reading how you see your own writing. I've only read your short, punchy spillyrias, so I don't think they are quite typical.

I dunno. I either write light jokey stuff like The Raven Banner or the first Christmas one I did, or it's heavy and descriptive, which the Illyria and Spara ones certainly are.

you forgot your calling card:

12: Tentacles, tentacles and more tentacles!!

I thought I covered that in #11! Tentacles are still rather unrepresented I'm afraid.

Incredible description of places and things that conjure up vivid mind-pictures for the reader.

Great Spike snark.

Oh, and commas ;)

Nice map. Very straight roads in your village.

And Happy Birthday!

>>Very straight roads in your village.

That's because the village it's based on has them, but that village (Chipperfield) has a much larger green and no pond.

I thought of snark and commas, but I ran out of slots!


I thought of snark and commas, but I ran out of slots!

Well there you go. Filled in the missing ones for you!

10. Missing words. The of my existence.

Bwahahahaha!!! I've no idea if that's hugely true or not, but it's damn funny. ;D

Is it your birthday? Many happy returns of the day!

It is now, thank you.

Much like my comments, I seem to have this strange dyslexia where I keep missing words out.

Beautiful characterisation. And snark.

I got the snark first! The snark is mine!

S'mine, precious, and we loves it...


Share the snark, girls. Play nice.

Good morning, Birthday Girl :)

I don't feel any different.


Glad it got to you on time!

It may not be the best manip in the world (you know how crap I am at these things), but it was made with love (and swearing).

It got the point across and made me laugh, that's the important thing.

Thanks. I can't help the snark, it's natural.

You're great at conveying character ambivalence. You don't force the characters to inhabit one full-blown mental state or another; you let them exist in the liminal space in between, much like we often do in life. Your ability to position your characters on that ambiguous ground adds a great deal of complexity to your stories.

Meant to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, too!

Am I?

I suppose in for a character to be 'real' they have to layers because moods change with situations.

This is off-topic :) but I wanted to pop in and wish you a *very* Happy Birthday :)

And then there's the scary stuff!

((cowers under Illyria's hard stare))

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