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Now I just wanted to clear up a few things regarding my view of slash, seeing as I have been quite vocal about it lately and I don't want to give off the wrong impression.

I am not a raging homophobe, just a stressed out Spuffy.
I am not offended by slash, I have in fact read the odd bit (but with a dash of squirm).
I am not bothered one bit by graphic descriptions of gay sex I'll happily watch gay porn.

My problem lies with the character of Spike.
Slash and Spike just don't sit right with me in my head, much the same way that Spike/Willow feels somehow icky to me (bizarrely, I am quite happy with Spike/Tara though). Spike has, from my perspective always come across as a little immaturely homophobic and I just can't for the life of me see him shagging Xander. I can see Angelus using sex to dominate and control him though, so Spike/Angel does sit a little better.

There, that's done. I can go back to sulking about all the slash about at the moment.

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Odd, isn't it? The way the brain works and people see different pairings different ways. I'm another one who for some reason just can't make Spike/Willow work for me and yet I love Spike/Tara. And Spike/Willow is actually my older brother's favorite pairing of all time, we're from two different worlds :)

So here's to hoping you find the fics with the pairings you love *raises glass and crosses fingers* (and yes, i did that WITHOUT spilling)

I just can't see any chemistry with Willow, in a romantic way (JM has chemistry with everything, of course).

So here's to hoping you find the fics with the pairings you love
At least it not that hard (although getting harder, but not against a writer's wish to experiment)

*raises glass and crosses fingers* (and yes, i did that WITHOUT spilling)
Ooh, clever!

I understand that, yeah. I basically feel the same way.

For what it's worth, I'm setting up my story's gayvampireporn in a rather different way that still generally conforms to the above, and which isn't even really about sex at all. It's mostly about desperation and grasping at what you *can* have, rather than any profound gay love. You'll see what I mean when I'm done. (And hey, if you'd rather not read it because of the squickiness, I totally understand. ;)

I was going to read it anyway and pretend I hadn't! (Like I'm doing with Annie's Spander) I don't want to encourage you in the wrong direction! ;)

I did want to make the reasons for my objections clear, and not come across as just disliking the whole gay thing flat. Hey, Whatever floats your boat. I can just choose not to read it.

I personally can believe in almost any Spike pairing, because I think Spike has chemistry with everyone. Just watch him smirk and prowl. Now that's a guy who could shag anybody. He's The Great Bisexualizer!

Yes, the Spike in my head is a slut. *eg*

Well, that's what makes the world (and Spike!) great, we all have different viewpoints. Yes, Spike does have a lot of chemistry, but I don't see it all as sexual. He could have anybody, I'm just not sure he wants to.

I haven't decided whether the Spike in my head is as promiscuous as some people believe. I don't quite see it, but I doubt he was just with Drusilla for all that time.

Oh, I don't think Canon!Spike was that big of a slut; I actually think he was pretty loyal to Dru, or else why would he had freaked so much when she cheated? However, Fic!Spike can, and with a little bit of persuasion, will do anybody. He may bitch and moan about his attraction to said person first, but in the end, I think he'd just go with it.

You can, of course, do anything you want in fic, but I do have a very canonal view of characters, which is why we've got into this discussion in the first place.

This also covers my aversion to Human AU. Take a point in the show and veer off in another direction - fine, I just don't really get taking characters out of their enviroment and plonking them somewhere else. The characters are a product of what has happened to them; if they are diffent to their natures, then they really are different characters. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy a human AU, it just means that I'm not reading a true BTVS story. Fic!Spike, to me, should be as canoncally accurate as possible, otherwise he's just not Spike.
Maybe it's just me.

why would he had freaked so much when she cheated?
Because it was her who cheated, or (more likely) who it was with? I suspect he was probably faithful (most of the time)

I think it's canonical for Spike, who has such a great capacity for love, to be able to fall in love with lots of people (although just one at a time, mind), given the right circumstances. It's up to the writer to make those circumstances believable. So do I like fic where Spike wakes up one morning and says, "Buffy, I don't love you anymore, I'm gonna go shag Xander now"? No. Set-up is necessary.

Because it was her who cheated

Yeah, but that sets up a double-standard that seems very unSpike-like to me. My guess would be that during his relationship with Dru (1880-1999, or whatever) Spike was with her, Angelus, and whatever threesome combinations Dru wanted over the years. He was pretty whipped, after all. I love that about him. *eg*

That pretty much sums up my problems with the Spander, and with slashing Spike in general. I just can't see a Spike with homosexual leanings -- let alone a Spike who *acts* on such leanings -- as being in any way in character. He likeses the wimmuns.

Xander, on the other hand, I can see lusting after Spike, and there is some small canonical evidence to support it. Spike has a rather playground mentality. Not only that, he's so focused on Buffy. His eye is not wandering anywhere!

Which is why I don't want to see Spike paired off with anyone in AtS. It'll take a long time for him to get over Buffy, anytime in S5 will be too soon and won't ring true. I'm Spuffy because thats what Spike wants (and still wants, even if he's afraid of it). Anyway, I don't actually think they'll bother pairing him with anyone.

I'm happy with writers exploring their muse any way they want (a I'm quite jealous they have a muse - mine packed her bags and left years ago and only returns for the occasional visit), I just don't get the attraction. I have a very canon based motivation to read fan fic. I first started reading it to suppliment the show. I didn't realise it'd be so shippy (after only reading Blakes Seven fic before that), but at some point I took it on and ran with it! But if it doesn't stick close enough to canon, it bothers me.

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