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BTVS - Buffy-Spike (Bleeds)

Spuffy Wallpaper

noaluvjames asked for a Spuffy, and it just so happened I was making one anyway:

*Brush by miggy.


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Gorgeous! And yet another very fine typeface! :)

The Alien font this time. I nearly used a script font, but I'm not that girly.

Lovely, you do the blues so well, but your warm tones are a joy.

Don't do them often, I find them much trickier.

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!

Thanks. This art thing is a doddle...

Oh beautiful! The close focus on their faces makes me all shivering with delight.

I tried to get in as close as possible to increase the intensity. I was going to have a lighning bolt, but it looked rubbish.

Thank you. I rather like the icon you have there.

Guh..the lightness of it is just gorgeous, like the heat between them messed with the camera...lovely work.

That's pretty much what I was going for. Thanks!

Oh, that's nice. Very nice. It would make a nice banner, too, don't you think?

PS - Sorry about the interview. I'll bet it wasn't as bad as you think it was.

I did learn this from a banner tutorial. ;)

I was speaking in general terms about interviews, I did better when I don't care. I haven't even found anything to apply for lately.

That's very pretty - the colors are just lovely!

You mentioned a banner tutorial - if you could link me up, I'd be most appreciative. Every once in awhile I get an idea for one, but I don't really know where to start.

Thanks. I used this tutorial, but I didn't do the bit about Curves (which remain a mystery). I took the technique and ran!


Oooh. I like that one. Consider it stolen... *grins*

That's possibly my favourite Spuffy shot of all time, so I'm inordinately pleased you made such a pretty wallpaper.
The text is so apt too. Congratulations!

Thanks! It does sizzle, doesn't it?

how did i miss this one!?...that's great! thanks for sharing :)

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