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ATS - Illyria (Infinity)

Another Wallpaper

Been fidding all weekend with masks and brushes and whatnot and have come up with another wallpaper.

I was THIS close this time to keeping and using it to re-design my webpage. But I couldn't be arsed.


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Oh that's very stylish! Love the colour and the font you've used.

Do you mind telling me what it's name is?

Thanks. It's called jl-pagoda or (pagodas). I made this on my parent's PC so I don't have a copy of the font myself (yet! yet!). I'm going to get them to send it to me, I could pass it on if you like.

It's very striking. I love that shade of blue paired with black. What font did you use for the writing?

Heh. Don't worry - I see Sueworld2003 beat me to it!

pretty! i want a spuffy wall like that one ;)

I've already decided that's the next project! Might do it on white for variety though.

Very nice. I like the blues.

I'm drawn to blue somehow.

Wow! That's gorgeous, Boggy!

Thanks, I'm quite pleased with it. And it could so easily be websiteable. I had to resist.

Oh I really like that one. The textures are lovely, and the expressions you've chosen really seem to fit the point of the text. Well done!

Thanks, it's nothing if not striking, eh?

Ooh. Free fonts! I will have much fun here, thanks.

That is rather lovely - the font is so Illyria it's uncanny.

(How's the orange and blue going?)

Lol. Not sure I know what font 'is Illyria', but I seem to have done alright.

(I'm getting used to it. I don't think the red goes, but I need it)

I love all your work hunny :) and that again is a little marster piece :)

take care



Oh do you think you could make me a beautiful icone of spike please ;) When you are not too busy of course :)

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