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Oops. Fetch the sick buckets.

I think I just buggered up my journal.

I knew I was onto something when I just left it be.

ETA. Not so buggered now. And the banner works!

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Not too badly... apart from the blank bit, it looks spiffy! (and I love the header!)

I don't know how to lose the blank bit.

I'm really not sure about the blue, but it wouldn't match then, would it?

Gorgeous header - better minus the gap like elisi said.

Not sure about that particular shade of blue/purple against the black, but. Might just be my screen...

I was teaching myself some new techniques. Problem was it didn't match. So I turned some bits blue and now it looks all wierd.

You have the same journal style I have but I spent like six hours figuring out how to do it then promptly forgot what I did. The colors are fine--I'd probably try for a blue closer to the ones in the banner--but I have no clue how to get rid of that gap. Love the banner, though, absolutely adore it.

Figured it out!

I've changed the blue to one in the image. I think I should pick a blue from the text, but they really do clash.

I'm rather proud of the banner, swwing as it's a first attempt at masks.

Blue and orange not completely revolting then?

No not sick buckets. I think it's just that you need to choose a blue that has less white in it. Or make the font a bit more yellow... arrgh! You can go quite insane fiddling with colours. ;D

I might try the more yellow thing later. I'm fed up of playing with the blue. Problem is that I picked the orange to save my eyes.

The blue looks very striking and the text is easy to read. I have no complaints.

Oh good. I suppose itt's me that has to live with it in the end.

I think it looks great :) YAY MOG! :)

Thanks. I needed a bit of a change.

Glad you got it fixed ^_^

Thanks. I think it'll take a bit of getting used to.

Great stuff! At least the blue and orange is very startling. And sick buckets have been fetched.

That's a reserved judgement if ever I've heard one! :D

Hey! This is almost colourful!

Are you feeling OK?

I'll be ok after a lie down.

Oh, wow! It looks superb! Art deco tentacles.

Thinking about it, I perhaps should have put Spike on it, but was following a tutorial and didn't think about it (though my result bears no resemblance whatsoever to what they were teaching me to do!)

It's amazing what you can do with a good font.

I think we're all changing our layouts!

I like the blue and orange. They might vibrate against each other if you had similar sized masses, but they work great with one as trim.

Is the black spot in the original picture? If not, are you using overlapping transparency? If not, I'm out of ideas.

By the way, recognize anything in my icon?

Thanks, I'm very pleased with the way it turned out.

The different shades of blue on the black font : it's lovely!

I'm feeling better about it this morning.

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