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Calais Picspam

I forgot to post my pics of my trip to Calais with calove and hesadevil due to alll the excitement of the explosion.

You wouldn't think Calais had much to take pics of, but you'd be wrong!

We went to the beach...

Cold moody beach:

Image hosted by

Cold moody arty beach:

Image hosted by

Cold moody beach at sunset:

Image hosted by

Cold moody beach the next day. Seagulls extra:

Image hosted by

calove's folk art.

Image hosted by

Then we looked at boats...


Image hosted by

Then we went shopping...

Calais by night (Christmas edition):

Image hosted by

Big looming tower. Bet they threw miscreants from it. Eek!

Image hosted by

Good times were had. I must make a moment to say thanks to hesadevil and calove for their generosity. People have been very kind to me this Christmas, I'm a little overwhelmed.

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