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Creativity List 2005

I like this idea of posting a list of your works for the last year, but I thought I'd post a 'creativity list' as if I just stuck to fic it'd be a bit bare, so here goes:


Twelve Days - Spike and Illyria befuzzled by Christmas. Co-Written with hesadevil and calove (Being re-published Here

Cobalt - Drabble first foray into Spike/Tentacle!Illyria

Ask Illyria! - Not really a fic, but it required almost as much effort as one characterisation-wise.

Succour - The infamous Spike/Tentacle!Illyria fic &

Sucker - Succour's Sequel &

Paddington and the Punks - Silly Spike/Drusilla met Paddington fic

Gunpowder - Buffy drabble

Is Anybody There? - William drabble

Time Team Special - Silly Spike/Time Team crossover ficlet

Let’s do Lunch - Spike & Illyria drabble

Electrical Phenomena - Willow/Illyria drabble. Tame femmeslash.

Bloodbath - Illyria ficlet

Animal Magnetism - Spike/Badger ficlet

The Raven Banner - Spike/Buffy hunt a missing Valkyrie

Boom - Spike/Illyria drabble

There were also some chapters of the WIP Working My Way Back to You.


Illyria Wallpaper:

Starfield Wallpaper (Spike/Buffy):

Nightmare Wallpaper(Spike/Illyria):

Watching and Waiting Wallpaper (Illyria):

2006 Calendars,


Smallville Icons

“Erotic” Icons

Not as much as I'd thought, but what I did write was certainly strange. Will have to do better in 2006! But I did at least manage to write another fic, other than a WIP, that's longer than a ficlet.

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