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Note to self

Cheesy biscuits and Cointreau butter do indigestion make.


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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwws! *pats belly*

Yuk! What on earth possessed you? Try some peppermnint tea, or mints of any sort.

I got the download, BtW, but haven't dared try it on the Ipod. I'm discovering more missing tracks :(.

They were yummy! Almost as nice as chocolate yoghurt and chips (suprisingly nice). I'll try some Tic Tacs.

If you need more songs like me know.

I need to bounce some WIP ideas off you. I've been thinking again.

Well, yeah. Kind of an unmixy combination. Siding with the lovely hesadevil and suggesting the peppermint tea.

Unfortunately all I have is Mandarin and Lychee tea.

What else can I put Cointreau Butter on though?

Was it worth it, though?

Loving your 12 days story, btw. Sorry I haven't given feedback yet.

They were lovely. I propably just ate too many. Unless the Turkey I had with it was dodgy...

Glad you're enjoying 12 days, this are a little quieter this time round.

Where does one get Cointreau butter, and how do I get it???

I got it in Sainsburys.

Though that's not much use to you.

Can such things be made? Like Brandy butter?

It's giving me indigestion from here!

I'm thinking maybe the cheese straws might have been too much.

Ummm... well...

*struggles to resist the urge to say "duh" in Dawnvoice*

*gives in*

Well, duh...

*adds eye roll for good measure*

Hope the mints helped!

Not really, felt better after the onion bahji though.

Damn party food.

I've got indigestion just reading about it -- so I want some. If I have to suffer, I should at least enjoy eating them. I'll have to make do with Carr's Whole Wheat Crackers and Whipped Cream Cheese with Strawberry swirls.




That sounds alright. I was only eating the butter because I ran out of the pineapple cheese.

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