Bogwitch (bogwitch) wrote,

Drabble: Boom (Spike/Illyria)

I'll shut up about explosions after this... Maybe.

Boom by Bogwitch

“That was most satisfying. I wish to do it again.”

The vicious billowing plume spat upwards like the fiery breaths of hell; hot flaming vapours curling in as they consumed themselves and rose upwards, darkening to an acrid, choking flume that shut out the sky.

Illyria, her back to the conflagration, was a dark shadow against the column of fire and her eyes blazed as much with her lust for destruction as with the blaze from the burning tank.

“You will find me more depots like this one.”

Spike nodded wearily. “Okay, but next time, I get to come first.”

Tags: drabble, spike/illyria

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