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Hi all, back again!

My net connection appears to be holding now, but I still have no TV. Under the circumstances, I think I can let NTL off; their building is quite close to the Great Fire of Hemel and well within the Police cordon even as it stands at the moment. Just this once mind.

So how has life been in Hemel Hempstead, these last few days?

Yet the town has borne the hassle so well, there was a lot of black humour in evidence as I was wandering about Tesco’s on Monday anyway. Makes yer proud.

As the company I’m temping for (hereafter known as SRM) is based in Maylands Avenue and quite near the blaze, I upped sticks and moved to my parents on Monday after the net connection became intermittent (and I’d downloaded Hex!). Jobless, and with no TV, Internet or Radio, I had no other way of knowing what was going on - except for looking out of the window at the belching black cloud of evil that is.

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(The night before I fell asleep watching a lovely orangey red glow pulsing behind the trees on the left. I could just see the tops of the highest flames. I wish I’d been around for the initial explosion, I’d have had a good view).

That night I popped back to the flat with my dad, on the way back we found the M1 was open, so we just had to go down it and have a look a the flamey stuff, didn’t we? Impressive. Shame the pics didn't come out too well:

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I still wasn’t able to get near to work on Tuesday. Luckily, my agency managed to get me an emergency reception cover job for a couple of days, so we’ve managed to earn something this week, even though the job was two towns away and hell to get to, even without a load of major roads shut. I came home to find the Police had moved the cordon back, so Maylands Avenue itself was open again. SRM looked undamaged, even though it was right next to the damaged new warehouse that’s been on the news (so I’ve heard. There was certainly a lot of press outside it).

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The facilities people were outside SRM today, so hopefully it won’t be long before we’re back in (if they still want me). I’m playing things day by day.

I’ll see what the morning brings. It can’t get worse, can it? There’s a weird kind of synchronicity in the air, as if it’s all connected somehow. Why does everything that happens make my life just that bit worse? How come I ended up working at a company today that’s involved with the project I’m working on for SRM? Bizarre.

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on my last post. I'm not sure I can think of anything witty to answer all of them!
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