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Unexciting Fire picspam

I went out and had a mooch about the town with my camera to see if I could see this fire I keep hearing about...

The first pic is actually pinched from the BBC website. I nicked it because it's taken from outside the building I used to work in (which is next door to the bun factory that fell down)My efforts are omewhat less impressive...


hemel fire 1
hemel fire 1

Hemel Fire 2
Hemel Fire 2

Hemel Fire3
Hemel Fire3

I also have an .avi somewhere, but I have no idea how to post it.


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It's still a big fire. You don't have quite the whizz-bang technology the Beeb has. Good pics.

They were quite a bit nearer too. You can't get to that place now. Also, their pic I believe was taken in daylight (or just before sunrise)

I hate fire. I mean really

Bloody hell. It looks like the Blitz.

Good photos

I was a fair way away too. I almost bought a flat in that part of town.

That is a big fire. Fire pretty but bad! Good pictures!

Makes a change for something to happen in this town.

Damn! This looks like a bombing!

Could be, but I doubt it.

I first learned about the fire on my local news channel over here (in Texas) tonight, and nearly dropped my teeth when I saw the name "Hemel" pop up on the screen! My first thought was, "Is that Bogwitch's neighborhood?" I was so relieved when they said that no one had been killed.

Poor Hemel is famous! Luckily, there's no problems this side of own.

Wow. Scary. Be glad you can't smell anything. That kind of smell makes you feel sick real fast.

Yeah. Now I can see the smoke, its blowing in the other direction. We send our crud to other towns instead. :D

Pity your current work place is so near - the big pink glow is rather pretty! Kinda makes you want to turn up with potatoes and marshmallow, but I think they would end up tasting horrible.

I discovered after I posted this, that I can actualy see the glow of the fire and the really high flames from my flat.

At the moment there is a plume of black smoke billowing across the horizon which I couldn't see in the dark.

Oh nasty!

See, you should have waited a week or so to do your wild_photos ;)

Yes! I wish I'd taken a pic of the depot for a before and after comparsion. When things die down a bit, I'll see if I can get some damage photos.

The sky is an amazing colour isn't it? So beautiful and yet so dangerous

You should have seen it from my bedroom. I could lie on the bed and watch the red glow pulsing over the hill. If the flames got really high, I could just about see them.

I have a pic of the column of smoke from this morning, but my internet connection is really intermittant at the moment, as NTL is my ISP as well and their building is really close to the fire (the TV is completely out still. I'm lucky to have a connection at all).

Shame I never saw it at it best.

It looks sort of like you're living on a Hellmouth. :-)

I can't help contrasting with your "Where I Live Day" post. I thought these were great pics.

Eek! And I forgot to say I stopped by your LJ to make sure you were safe. Glad you are!

I didn't watch any news over the weekend, but am glad to know you are safe now that I've heard about the fire.

Hee. This town had never been so exciting!

Good pics; I know how hard it is to get pictures at a nighttime fire.
There's something beautiful and mesmerizing about fire, even at its most destructive, that can't be denied. That's why firefighters often feel a duel nature -- they learn to hate fire, and yet they're drawn to it at the same time. Especially the old timers learn how awful fire is, but if there's going to be one, they want to be there to fight it.

Absolutely. You couldn't keep your eyes off this thing (very distracting when driving!)

Considering the scale and uniqueness of it, the firefighters have done an amazing job.

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