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(no subject)

Anyone wondering if I'm okay, I er... am!

I've been in France with hesadevil and calove, and missed all the excitement.

I live quite near the burning depot, but I am sheilded by a hill. I've come home and I haven't seen even a whiff of smoke. I'm quite disappointed really.

The downside of this, is that I doubt I have a job tomorrow.

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oh dear, but I'm glad you're ok

Thanks. It just gets worse, doesn't it?

glad to hear you're okay, though it's bummer on the job sitch.

I'm already facing a two week Christmas shutdown. Not much hope of getting another temp job now.

Is there any way you can apply for compensation?

Phew! Glad you're OK too. :)

I heard the bang from my bed in the Wimbledon Holiday Inn but of course didn't know what it was until I put the telly on. Naturally then I thought, "What's that Boggy done now!"

Glad you had an alibi, dear! ;)

It's not exactly helping me, even if I do need a day off!

We heard nothing in France.

Going out for a gawp in a bit.

Sorry about the job sitch. Is that because you work at the place that went bang?

Very, very glad you're OK, though - I worried as soon as I heard the news this morning.

Thanks, it's good to be thought of.

I'm working for a company two streets away from the depot. That road is closed, and I can't imagine they don't have extensive damage.

NTL is round the corner too, and I now have no TV!

Is it going to affect the work situation badly then?

Pity you're not a glazier really.

Yeah, pots of money to be made!

I won't be able to work tomorrow. Then it'll depend on how long it takes the put the fire out and how much damage the company has sustained. I'm thinking a fair bt as it's pretty close. I may not have work now until the New Year. Which will be a severe problem for me.

Oh no! Sorry about the job situation.

I knew you were okay as I remembered hesadevil saying she was going away for the weekend with you and calove.

Hope the work situation is resolved soon. *hugs*

Thanks, I'll give the agency a call tomorrow, and I'll see where I stand.

I'm glad your ok, hoping all goes well on the job front.

Check out my new icon.


Nice icon, but I have to say I prefer scruffy. ;)

So sorry to hear about the whole thing and the job front implications too.
Hope you had a good time away though.

It was good, sould have been nicer to not have had to worry though.

I'd remembered that you said you were going away so I'm glad to hear that you can't detect any smoke now. It's a shame about your job however, especially just before Christmas.

I've missed all the good bits and get all the stupid fallout!

Thanks. I'm off out for a gander now...

Very glad to hear you're ok. Thank goodness for the French ;)
All the best with the job situation. Just think, at least this year will be nearly over soon.

Thank god.

I wanted to to hear it! I have now seen the fire. I have pics!

Glad to hear you are alright. Hopefully, it didn't put a dent in your enjoyment of the outing. Did you have fun?

I'm crossing my fingers, hoping the job thing will turn out better than you think.

Lots of fun, thanks.

Maybe the job problem will be a good thing in the end, who knows?

I hope the job situation is not as bad as you fear ? *crosses fingers for you*
Glad that you wasn't around at that time !

Did you have a great week-end away?

It was very good thanks, except for worrying about my home and job.

I'm still unsure on the job front. I can't get to work today, and no one yet knows the extent of the damage. My agency told me they had someone going to an interview tomorrow at one company and they drove past it today to find the building had no roof!

Glad you're OK! Not so glad about the job news...

It wasn't great before the fire. :(

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