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Calendar Post #2

Oops, accidently deleted the first one! Oh dear, anyway more Calendar's from seasonal_spuffy...




Out of My Mind


(Sorry, no wallpaper for this one)

Winter Spuffy



I will post the Spike only ones tomorrow.


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These are gorgeous! Think the last one is my favorite. :)

Thanks. I might make some more with Spillyria etc later.

I am very late in leaving feedback--I'm so sorry! But I wanted to say I love your work. Winter Spuffy is now my PC wallpaper. It's breathtaking, really. I am truly impressed. I wonder if you ever thought of switching Buffy & Spike around so it appears that Buffy is looking up at Spike? I think that would make an interesting alternative.

Thnak you for comenting!

I played with doing them the other way round, but the eyelines didn't match up. Besides I don't think it's very 'them', if you know what I mean.

Besides I don't think it's very 'them', if you know what I mean.

Yes--that's very true. I guess in my heart I'll always want them to become a more romantic couple. Your work is beautiful nonetheless.

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