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Ow! Ow! Ow!

When my mother made me agree to have the odd little mole things on my neck removed, I wasn't expecting to have nine bloody injections! Nine!



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Christ how big were the moles!?

Not big, just little brown skin tags. My family is very prone to them. I didn't think they'd have to inject every single one though. (And I still have 6 they didn't do).


Getwell soon, pet.

(Deleted comment)
I'm not too bad with them, but nine in the neck is just too much.

Doctors are sadists. The whole lot of 'em.

I thought that was dentists?

A similar thing happens to me when I give blood, cos they can never find the vein. I have loads of sympathy for you. ::hugs::

I can cope with one fine, but after that...

Ouch. That's...not good.

*decides to keep the one little mole on her own neck.*

When the skin is numb and they pzzzt it off with the burny thing, that's quite fun.

Yowch! You should sooth it from the inside with warming beverages, preferably alcoholic!

Ha. Already started on the Midori.

Was going to say Wimp! but after reading your description of the number of times you had the pointy thing shoved in your neck I'll desist.
::clutches neck and hides two moles::
Ow indeed!

Do you have to return to have the others done?

Pah! Little bit of lignocaine! Nothing to it.

Meep! Poor you. Local stings like hell. Least it's over now, and best ahve 'em off, I say.

I was living quite happily with them. They only bothered my mum.

Oh nasty! I've had loads of molely-type things removed. On balance I think I'd rather have a tooth out. Hmm, dunno through...

Hope they heal up quick. :)

Never had a tooth out, but that has to be worse surely.

They couldn't freeze them off? The last mole I had off I didn't even feel being done!

It wasn't offered. They are exactly moles anyway, maybe they have to be done differently.

Eeep! Poor you! ::pets you::

It was terrible! ::sniff::

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