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Cat emergency

Was looking forward to a lovely lunch at the Chinese buffet with the parents today, damn it.

One of my parent's cats (their much loved 14 year old tabby, whom I consider my cat too) had a funny turn this morning, all wobbly legs and dry retching. So instead of nice yummy food, it was a trip to the emergency vets with fears of strokes or poisoning. My mum was panicing a bit, I think.

She's okay. The vet checked her over for spinal injuries and stroke symtoms. I have never seen a cat have their blood pressure taken before, the little wrappy thing was so cute! Cat didn't think much of it though.

Oh the irony, she has an ear infection and this morning her eardrum ruptured, poor girl; she has no balance. Must run in the family.

She's flopped her way up the stairs to her warm quiet spot now. I'm just getting a sandwich...

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