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Cat emergency

Was looking forward to a lovely lunch at the Chinese buffet with the parents today, damn it.

One of my parent's cats (their much loved 14 year old tabby, whom I consider my cat too) had a funny turn this morning, all wobbly legs and dry retching. So instead of nice yummy food, it was a trip to the emergency vets with fears of strokes or poisoning. My mum was panicing a bit, I think.

She's okay. The vet checked her over for spinal injuries and stroke symtoms. I have never seen a cat have their blood pressure taken before, the little wrappy thing was so cute! Cat didn't think much of it though.

Oh the irony, she has an ear infection and this morning her eardrum ruptured, poor girl; she has no balance. Must run in the family.

She's flopped her way up the stairs to her warm quiet spot now. I'm just getting a sandwich...


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Sorry to hear about the cancelled Chinese but good news on the cat front. Fourteen is a good age so I can see why your Mum was so worried.

I'm just about to start on your WIP - just sending the file from my laptop to the PC where it's easier to work. And I'm getting on with the next chapter of mine too. Must get the damn thing finished.

Then to work out how to use the Halloween idea for something else. That chapter with young Liam is still pestering me to see the light of day somehow.

Enjoy the sandwich.

Hope you're feeling better now.

She's a healthy cat otherwise, but you do fear the worst at that age. When goes, it will break our hearts though.

I might have some more comments on the WIP, about the chapter order. I need a bit of help. Does this mean your muse is charged up and ready to go?

I think the Halloween idea is still sound and is worth resurrecting, it just caught at a very stressful time.

When it goes, it will break our hearts though.

Ah yes, our little furry friends always do that.

Does this mean your muse is charged up and ready to go?
Don't know about charged. Though he keeps charging in at the most inappropriate moments.

I sent your WIP back before I got your additional comments.

I think the Halloween idea is still sound and is worth resurrecting

You think we'll still be writing Spike next Halloween?

I'll still be writing the WIP, I suspect.

Just before it's set at Halloween, doen't mean you have to publish it then.

I'll still be writing the WIP, I suspect.
So will I at this rate.

Just because it's set at Halloween, doen't mean you have to publish it then

You're not suggesting we get it out in time for Christmas are you? New Year? Valentine's Day? Now there's an idea, given the nature of Buffy's meeting with Liam and William. ::quote:: 'It all started at Halloween. No, scrub that. It was all Halloween's fault'.::/end quote::

Sorry you missed the meal, but at least the cat's okay.

Could you maybe go tomorrow instead?

It's roast tomorrow. It'll have to wait until next week.

I think the cat got a bit stressed with it all, she's gone to seek solitude now.

Poor puss! Here's hoping she'll perk up soon.

I think she scared herself. She's subdued but I'll be fine.

oh, no! Poor kitty. Glad that she's doing better. You know a cat's alright when they curl into their favorite spot in the sun...

Actually that's exactly what she was doing when she had her turn!

Glad the kitty is feeling better. If you want to look at great food and some cute cats try out eatstuff.blogspot.com.

Jellyfish salad!

::is traumatised::

Oh poor cat - still she will at least have lots of empathy from you - although no Chinese food in a kitty bag, poor, poor pussy!

She's walking around now like nothings happened!

Sounds about right! We get all concerned, and they get all 'moi? I don't know what you're talking about!'

She's had a bit of a relapse. I suppose she has dizy spells, and she's okay for a bit.

Poor kitty. A kitty with an ear infection/poor balance is truely a sad thing. I'm glad she is going to be ok.

She's having spells of wobbliness, but she'll pull through.

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