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Important News (to me anyway)

For those following this particular story, I can hear properly again!

(In fact, it came back Sunday, and I forgot to tell anyone. The power of JM to cure the sick!)


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LOL on JM curing the sick. There are some who might believe that. ;)

The power of JM to cure the sick!

Dear Lord! It is true that he walks across water as well?!?

*lays hands on Bogwitch so to be nearer to Jimmy's power*

Hallelujah, boggy's born again!

You mean you couldn't actually hear him?

James's effect upon inspiration is HUGE , I tell you! ;-)

Either that or the volume blew my eardrum back into shape (not that I thought he was loud).

Call the Pope! Can they sanctify someone who is still alive?

Don't think so, but I'm sure they can make an exseption in this case.

Yay! Perhaps it was all the heat he generated?

There is no way I can answer that, that isn't dirty.

JM???? do you mean James Marsters? :S

Hee! Lusting is good for the ears. It's all that increased blood flow. Although why it's going to your ears, I don't know.

Either that or he made my ears bleed.

(See? I'm so over it now)

Yay so happy for you (even if it is quite belatedly).

Thanks, it's a big relief. Now, if only my foot would sort itself out...

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