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Happy Halloween Hauntings

Seeing as I have completely failed to write a story for my Halloween Challenge at darker_spike, I have decided to share my ghostly experiences instead.

Gather round the fire, my friends and let us begin...

The first was when I was about 15. I was walking to school alone and took a short cut through a churchyard. It was a sunny, warm morning, but as I took a step past this one gravestone, the temperature dropped to a spine-chilling, freeze. Then I took another step and it was warm again.

The next time I was about 19, and I was driving home one night in the dark (from the pub, but I hadn't been drinking) and a girl crossed the road in front of me - but she had no top half, just legs and a skirt. She just... ended.

The third time was about six or seven years ago now. I was at a supermaket petrol station. It was late and I was the only car there. I went into the shop to pay and idly looked out of the window at my car. I noticed, reflected in the window, that there was a a man standing behind me. A big Sikh man with turban and beard (not that unusual round here), but turned around and there was no one there. Eep!

Okay, your turn!


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The house I grew up in was haunted. We used to hear someone singing and laughing in the background when no one was around. Once when my sister and I were approximatley 8/10, we left the yard without telling our mother who was in the shower. When we reached the end of our driveway (about 1/8 mile and not in sight of the house) we heard the front door slam shut and someone calling us. We ran home to find our mother was still in the shower and never knew we were gone, and no one else was home.

Ooh er.

I don't think any of mine were actual ghosts, but I can't explain what they were. I think voices would freak me a bit though.

When I was little, I thought it was normal for everyone to have a ghost in their house. The voices were kind of cool. A lot of the time it sounded like he was having a party and he was singing with his friends. It's kind of a cool image of what comes next, hanging out having parties with your friends.

The man who had owned the property before my parents had died in his house and been there for some time before he was old man living alone in a rural area. That's who my mom always said it was, even though it wasn't the same house.

I lived in a house in South Africa where the previous owner had shot himself in the kitchen. I never suspected a thing, but I was never happy there.

Hmm. I've scared myself with ominous lumps of laundry in the dark, but that's about it...

Those I know well, and the coiling snake that snaps at your ankles that seems to be attached to the hairdryer. I must learn to pick things up.


Well, we did the Ouija board thing as teenagers (doesn't everybody?), and generally it was pretty obvious who was doing the pushing.

Except this one night. It spelled out something about someone called Robin being dead. We didn't know any Robins. We sort of forgot about it until later when we were talking to the mother of the girl who's house it was. Turned out she had had a boyfriend called Robin who she'd sort of kept in touch with, but hadn't heard of for a while as he was off on active service somewhere (forget where), Anyway to cut a long story short, Kate's mum chased up Robin's family and... guess what? He was absolutely fine. Still is.

Nothing spooky ever happens to me.


I envy you your spooks. Having said that - I'm so easily freaked I should maybe be grateful.

Maybe the cat killed a bird?

I've never used a Oujia, I don't think it's worth the risk.

I wouldn't say any of my experiences where really scary though, just odd.

You didn't find seeing half a person crossing the road scary? You're made of stronger stuff than I am.

Not really, because I didn't really believe it and it didn't feel sinister. I can still see it now though.

Actually, you got me thinking. My mum died when I was 15. For weeks afterwards our dog would suddenly run upstairs to her bedroom and just sit, staring at the corner of the room, wagging his tail and whinning. We never felt anything, and certainly never felt threatened by whatever it was, but they do say dogs are more sensitive.

And then - Francesca was born shortly after my Dad died. She used to sit in her baby chair and look at something none of us could see, burbling and giggling and waving her arms, then pausing and concentrating as if listening to something before she'd laugh and coo at whatever she saw. If you talked to her she'd glance your way and smile, then go back to looking at whatever it was. It didn't happen all the time, just occasionally, and always at the same spot. I sometimes wondered if Dad had come back to see his grand-daughter. More likely it was a particular pattern on the wallpaper.

See? Now I've spooked myself and had to turn all the lights on.

Oh and now you're reminded me of the Medium story.

I went to a Psychic Fair once (I liked the jewellery), and sat in on a medium session. It went as you'd imagine. until the end. The medium decribed someone which could have been my Grandmother, down to the apple tree in the garden. I was too chicken to speak up though, and the description was rather vague, there'd be fair more specific things that would identify her. It was the only one the medium described that wasn't claimed though.

*shudders* godmother used to watch me when I was much, much younger. *grins* I remember watching TV downstairs and hearing stomping footsteps upstairs. So, me being me, I go to check it out. She had two of her kids living in the house at the time and that's where their bedrooms were. Anyways, I go upstairs and..nothing. Both kids sleeping and no boots to be seen. I go back to watch tv and hear it again. Just slowly stomping footsteps. Now I'm thinking the kids are messing with me, and go back upstairs. Nope. They were still sleeping. Went back downstairs, heard it again and finally woke my godfather up to investigate. He, of course, didn't see/hear anything, but at least I never heard those footsteps again.

God, and I haven't thought about that in years! *gets creeped out*

And totally loving this idea of sharing ghostly/creepy stories. Mind if I post it in my journal?

I don't mind, I nicked it off mbangel10!

Ah ghostly footsteps. A classic.

yay camp fire stories :D

Ok the first thing has to be when I was about 11. I was with my best friend at the time and it was hot so I went to the park shop and got some lollies for us both. Just then these two nuns said *hello julie* I said hello back then asked how they knew me and my name and they said they knew alot about me and started to tell me things. I didnt even notice the lollies melting down my hands. I then turned round to my best friend rosemary and said come over here and meet these nuns I just met. But she said there wasnt anyone there and when I turned round they had gone. OoooOoooOoooO

the second is abit more freaky. We had ghosts in our old house but friendly ones. they were munks. Cause of the abbey that was just down the road. The rest of the land was marshes back in toes times. Well loads of strange things happen. glasses would move, even my mums chair moved! while she was on it >.< it turned. Mum gave some excuse she tried to give excuses all the time but we knew. we saw shadows too. and felt cold alot. and things would go missing. but the freakiest has to be the bathroom being totally rearanged after doing it. And the flying sausepans that you never saw but they kept moving to the floor everytime you put them in the cupboard.

another was me seeing an old friends future on her palms :| I saw that she was pregnant and she was gonna die or a baby was. found out she went to her doctor the day before and he said the same thing. She was a big woman anyway so you wouldnt know if she were pregnant or not. and cause of her weight problem she was putting herself and baby at risk. Erm She didnt even know she was pregnant.

OMG too many... I can pick up phones before they ring sometimes. know whos at the door before answering or checking sometimes. Once my mum rang me a phone box while i was waiting for my bus. MUM didnt know i was waiting for a bus :| figure that one out. I reccon she just dialed the wrong number and got the one nearest too me cause she was worried about me.

I also have rings on my fingers when they are ex-rayed. which aparently means your phsyic. Thats what a white witch told me.

lastly i was eletricucated by an iron and was out for exactly 12 hours. i went out at 9pm woke at 9am. I know cause i looked at the clock before and after. Later I remembered a bright light and a women saying it wasnt my time yet. I believe i died cause I remember feeling total peace and not wanting to come back.

All this is true. Im sure i could think of better stories to tell if i was lieing :P

So yeah life/death to me is very interesting and fasanating and a huge mystery to all of us.

You'd think monks would be more benevolent rather than pesky.

I predicted a baby by Tarot once. I used to be much better at it for other people than for myself.

>>she just dialed the wrong number and got the one nearest too me cause she was worried about me.

That's the scariest one! I've known who's calling before picking up the phone, but I've never come across that.

It is a fascinating subject. I'm a sceptic, but there is certainly something odd going on, even if it's just the brain.

Ooh, that middle one's creepy! Shudder.
I've never seen anything ghostly, but my dad has a classic creepy story about a rocking horse in the rented, furnished house where I was born, that used to start up rocking by itself. That sends shivers down my spine.

It didn't feel creepy at the time. I not really convinced I saw it.

Frisky rocking horse, eh?

I once slept in a haunted house with a ghost who had a thing for teenage girls, and being about 14 I didn't get a wink of sleep!

Are you sure it wasn't just the local pervert?

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