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JM Words and Music

I'm awake. I know I must be because my eyes are open. Doesn't feel like it though. Ugh.

Now, I was all prepared to sharpen up my scarasm knives, but you know, JM wasn't actually too bad. Still needs to ditch most of his weak songs with the dodgy lyrics, but at least this time he sounded like he'd actually rehearsed them and wasn't relying on enthusiasm alone.

The acting was good, but I have to say I wasn't really paying attention. Those arms! The tight T-Shirt! The cheekbones!


calove - Have fun with the party! Hope you caught your train alright.
gamiila Hope the cats haven't left you any unpleasant presents. ;)
frimfram Hope you got back okay. Sorry we lost you in the crush.
lillianmorgan It's a shame I didn't get to say goodbye to you too. Hope the hostel was alright.
amybnnyc It was good to meet you!
shapinglight I hope the ticket machines behaved. Shame I didn't really get to speak to you.
hawera I hope you enjoyed the ticket and the fandom experience!
jamalov29 See? I enjoyed it! And with only a few cringes.

It was great to meet you all!

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