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JM Words and Music

I'm awake. I know I must be because my eyes are open. Doesn't feel like it though. Ugh.

Now, I was all prepared to sharpen up my scarasm knives, but you know, JM wasn't actually too bad. Still needs to ditch most of his weak songs with the dodgy lyrics, but at least this time he sounded like he'd actually rehearsed them and wasn't relying on enthusiasm alone.

The acting was good, but I have to say I wasn't really paying attention. Those arms! The tight T-Shirt! The cheekbones!


calove - Have fun with the party! Hope you caught your train alright.
gamiila Hope the cats haven't left you any unpleasant presents. ;)
frimfram Hope you got back okay. Sorry we lost you in the crush.
lillianmorgan It's a shame I didn't get to say goodbye to you too. Hope the hostel was alright.
amybnnyc It was good to meet you!
shapinglight I hope the ticket machines behaved. Shame I didn't really get to speak to you.
hawera I hope you enjoyed the ticket and the fandom experience!
jamalov29 See? I enjoyed it! And with only a few cringes.

It was great to meet you all!


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I enjoyed James' performances in Toronto. He had improved a lot, at least since that awful Halloween DVD which is too painful to watch that I've only seen like 20 minutes of it.

Anyway, the best of this sort of stuff is to gather with online friends.

Exactly, and that's why I went, but he did allright this time.

I'm still not buying the CD though.

Gosh he did all right this time, hi praise, heh? Glad you enjoyed.

I'll give credit where credit is due.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it this time. I had a great time! Sorry I didn't get to meet you. :)

Yeah, maybe next time. I'm working my way through you all eventually!

The acting was good

You can't leave it at that. Want details woman, details!

JM wasn't actually too bad.
Faints with shock. High praise indeed from the Sniggerer-in-Chief. I think it's all about the venue. I've only heard him sing at theatre venues (and the church) where there was every indication of his having rehersed properly, whereas the gigs you've been to have been clubs. JM's a fine actor and plays to his audience expectations. Others who attended the matinee as well commented that his voice was good but sounded tired by the evening concert.

Details? I was too busy lusting to notice such things!

I give that it was a much better venue for him, he sounded fuller and richer and not like he was singing out of his range like he did the first time. His songs are still crap though.


I'm awake. I know I must be because my eyes are open. Doesn't feel like it though. Ugh

Do you think they were pumping something through the aircon in the hotel? That's exactly how I feel.

Was the car OK?

I heard that none of us slept well. That big bed all to myself and I still had trouble.

The car was okay. The Northern line was a little dicey though.

Heh. You mean his T shirt wasn't hideous and he didn't say/do things that make a normal person wince? That really IS amazing! Heh, so is he a legitimate rock and roll god yet? :P

Not quite, but he threw himself into it.

>>he didn't say/do things that make a normal person wince?

Only the song lyrics. The Q&A was fortunately only about Macbeth.

I'm so jealous of you and Frimfram.

Not just because you got to see James, or to see James act, but you got to meet so many people.

Whine, whinge, pity me.

Next time, sneak me in somehow!

I'm glad you had a good time. I was afraid you would still be too tired from Istanbul. By the way,
in case you need something to help you relax.

The meeting people is really the best bit, although the downside of that is not having time to actually talk to all of them properly.

>>>I was afraid you would still be too tired from Istanbul.

I definitely am, but it's all over now I can rest a bit. I need a nice sit down. :)

That's one nice sounding recipe!

I had a blast ( I won't say that you can go and read my report , you would be scared for life .. ;-)

And the highlight of the day was indeed meeting all of you , even for a short time.
I'm glad that you spent so much energy lusting after the beautiful man . But what can we do ? He's extremely fine and attractive , to say the least. :)

Do you mind if I friend you? We have different points of view , but we LOVE Spike deeply , and some sides of James as much , don't you think? ;-)

Friend away! (seems I've beaten you to it).

I still love Spike, and whatever I write, I'm still Spuffy at the core. JM, not so much, but then I watch all the films and TV appearances, so who am I kidding? :)

Meeting people is the best bit of the whole thing.


It was so cool to meet you :) I really enjoyed that! Shame that we didn't see each other afterwards but, er, I wasn't at a hostel. Still my place could pass for a hostel, somehow....
Those arms! The tight T-Shirt! The cheekbones!
Whereever he placed his hands ;)
Hope your ear's feeling a bit better.

>>>It was so cool to meet you :) I really enjoyed that!

Me too. : )

>>I wasn't at a hostel.

Um. Of course. I caught the wrong end of the stick on that one in my excitement!

>>Whereever he placed his hands

Oh God yes. And sprawling, can't forget that.

>>Hope your ear's feeling a bit better.

Actually it is. I think his primal scream scared the infection off!

Yeah, enjoyed it enormously, especially meeting you all. Bit overwhelmed that you are all so creative, when I can't even produce an icon and couldn't write a story to save my life. I can read, thought, so keep on writing.

Can I be really catty about Cheryl (Quinton, it sounded like)? I'm just jealous, really. But I think that Lady Macbeth probably had steel in her spine, rather than giving the impression of an American teenager who failed to be elected prom queen. Miaooow. And I think James's history was a bit dodgy. 300,000 witches ? Sez who ? And what precisely is a witch ? More often than not, a herbalist, or a midwife, or just some old woman without powerful family to protect her and save her being accused of witchcraft just because they could not find any other explanation for death or illness.

But who cares ? As you all say, he is so pretty I can sit and listen to him talking rubbish for ever. And his history may be off but the man can act.

Love to you all. Hawera

It would be no good being all writers and having no readers, would it? :)

You make a very good point about his witches theory which I'd forgotten about. I can't remember what he said exactly, but I was thinking, 'eh?' - I didn't agree with his opinion at all. Never mind, I only went to stare at him!

He is a good actor, but the accent was off-putting for the play. Maybe he didn't dare do an accent in London, who knows? I'm one of the few that didn't mind the actress, but then I wasn't exactly paying attention to her. Damn hormones. ;)

It was nice to meet you, too!

It was a nice suprise.

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