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Istanbul - Day Four – Four Days isn't Quite Enough

Let's get this over with so I can think about writing again. Not many pics this time, sadly.

Day Four – Four Days isn't Quite Enough

We were at a bit of a loss as to what to do today as we didn't have time anything further out, so we went back up to the Hippodrome and to the Museum of Islamic Art – which wasn’t nearly as interesting as it sounded.

It was pretty though:

Image hosted by

The ablutions thingy in the Hippodrome.

Image hosted by

And it was still only 11.00 and we had hours to kill. A Pudding Shop sounded like a good idea. Mmm gloopy chocolate pudding with ground Pistachio, glamorously presented in a tin foil tray, yum.

And that’s about it. Plane was delayed on the taxiway for half an hour. In flight Coq au Vin was ho hum, and nothing like the standard of the fillet steak breakfast we had on the way out. And just when we thought it was all over… there was a major accident on the road to my parent’s house and the taxi had to take us on a massive detour.

And their cats welcomed them with a nice lump of poo on the carpet. Nice.

In all, I liked Istanbul, but I didn’t fall in love with it, not like I fell for Thailand.

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