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I am home...

Back. Knackered. Eardrum (and Brains) still intact. Bed!!!!!!!!!

Whet your appetite for some picspam...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Purty! Hope you had fun. Looking forward to the full details and pics :)

::Rugby tackle::

Where have you been hiding? Is life OK?

Beautiful picture. I'm afraid I don't recognize the location.


Pretty! I am insanely jealous.

Welcome home - and THAT'S IMPRESSIVE!!

Hi. I have better than that.

Glad you enjoyed, was a weekend break? Not surprised you're knackered. Looking forward to seeing the pics.

Just four days, but it was... enough.

Really glad it went well for you:)

Ooh... pretty.

Good to hear the brains are still intact. Did you wear a bobble hat in the end?

I held them in through sheer will.

*applauds* I am impressed.

I have that amazing ability.

So pretty!

Good news about your head not exploding.


::is missing being like crazy::

Is also planning to try to keep MWNN's head from exploding.

Lots of boats feature in this story. Istanbul is full of them, being the Bosphorus and all.

Least you got to get on the boat in the end.

The ear was really painful. Now it's just half deaf, so I sympathise (with you both).

Wow, excellent photo. Can't wait to hear all about it. Turkey is a place I long to see.

I liked Turkey, but I didn't love it. Maybe if I'd had longer to get used to it.

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