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We're on!

The Nurse (reservedly) cleared me for flying, so I'm off to Turkey on the 'morrow!


That's great! Where are you going in Turkey?

Istanbul. My ear isn't much better, but the infection isn't near the eardrum so I should be alright.

Thank you. I hope to bring back loads of pics.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! I may check in.

I just got an e-mail from a friend in Ankara complaining about the cold (but it's supposed to be nice and sunny in a few days). Have fun and dress warm!

Yeah, I believe it's colder than England at the mo. I've packed lots of jumpers. (I hate the heat anyway)

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. And we'll miss you whilst you're away!

Thanks. I'll only be gone 4 days. And apparently the hotal has internet...

YAY! Have fun, and don't go hugging any strange chickens.

Thanks. Do they know what they're in for?

So pleased to hear that it is a go. Have the best time.

Thanks, if the ear would now decide to work...

Have a wonderful time! :)

Have a wonderful time and say hello to any interesting octopuses you may encounter!

As long as they aren't on my plate.


I'm expecting highly detailed and meticulous notes.

Of course, that doesn't mean I'll get them.

Have loads of fun!

More like sketchy detail and scarasm, I think.

Yay! Have a lovely time. I'll, er, be thinking your inner ear.

Ooh! Have a lovely time.

I expect you've gone by now.