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(no subject)

Does anyone want to buy a spare ticket to the Halloween JM thing on the 30th 29th in London? As hesadevil isn't able to go, there's a spare floating about. Anyone interested?

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I did not realise there was anything on on the 30th. I would be interested in buying it, depending upon what it is. Please let me know.

Regards, Hawera

Re: Halloween ticket

It's this 'Words and Music' event if you're interested.


I've been asked to sell the ticket, although I don't actually have it in my possession, so if you want it, there'll be some logistical juggling involved.

It's actually taking place on the 29th. :)

Re: Halloween ticket

Oh bugger, so it is. I was convinced it was the Sunday. (I don't have possession of my own ticket so I don't have a clue!)

Re: Halloween ticket

His own bloody site fooled me!


I hope he turns up on the right day! :D

Re: Halloween ticket

I wonder if that ever happens?

(It would if it were me - obviously)

Re: Halloween ticket

Maybe I meant 29th.

Re: Halloween ticket

Is it for the evening on the Saturday ? How much is it ? How much logistical juggling ? I am in north London so I might be able to pick it up if it is anywhere near, or it could be posted. Thanks.
Christine Minty

Re: Halloween ticket

It is the evening and is worth about 50 quid.

If I had the ticket, then it'd be easy as I'm in Herts, but calove in Kent. It might be easier to collect it from us on the day. If you're still interested then I'll talk to her and see what we come up with.

Re: Halloween ticket

Yes, I am interested. Please let me know. I would also enjoy a chance to meet you, however briefly. I have just finished (somewhat late but I only came across your site a few days ago)the 12 days of Xmas and enjoyed it very much. Will we have the pleasure of another story this Xmas ?

Regards, C

Re: Halloween ticket

Yes, I am interested. I would also welcome the opportunity, however briefly,to say hello to you. I have just finished (late, but I only discovered your site a few days ago) the 12 days of Xmas and enjoyed it very much. Shall we have the pleasure of another story this Xmas ?


Re: Halloween ticket

Ok. What I'll do is email you a few days before and tell you were we'll be. Is that alright?

As yet, there isn't a Xmas story on the cards. That's not to say there won't be one of some sort, but it wouldn't be anything like the same scale. It was a lot of work and comletely took over my holiday!

Re: Halloween ticket

Yes, that would be fine. Thanks

(Screened comment)
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Re: Halloween ticket


I'm not here for that...I'm dancing because TENTACLES won. BY VOTE! Yay. Check it out: http://lba.vampyrehaven.net/rnd3win.php

You did so well! I'm so happy for you.

Um. Seems a bit late to be answering this now, but I never like to see a comment unanswered!

You'd think they'd email the nominees, wouldn't you?

Just y'know read frimfram's post and CONGRATS!

Thanks. I'm not sure what to make of it all yet.

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