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A little tentacle art I made for a cheap laugh darker_spike challenge:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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An understandable reaction in the circumstances. :D

That poor boy, how he suffers! :)

We live to tortment him.

Oh dear! Spike realizes that he should never have replaced the alarm clock with the automated octopus.

Can you get those? I want one!

Ooo... looks like Harmony can read minds and made a wish. Poor Spikey.

Sounds like a rather original curse for her though!

I might accidentally have mentioned the term 'tentacle porn' to Darcy the other day... he now thinks fandom is even more of a lunatic asylumn than he did before. I didn't think that explaining the whole Spike/Illyira business would help. *sigh*

Nice manip though.

It good to hear that the tentacles are talked about anyway! :D

He's probably right, you know.

He's probably right, you know.
Yeah, but I'm happy here, and he's sort of resigned himself to the fact that I'm not likely to leave.

::snuggles further down into cosy LJ-corner::

Some cocoa while you down there?

Hee! I love it! No wonder he looks shocked.

But that only lasts a moment...

Cheap laughter 4 eva!!!

I think I'm adding 'cheap laughs' to my interests list...

I'm watching Blue Planet at the moment - somehow it seems very apt!!

Do the octopi creep out of the Whales' bedclothes then?

Sorry, I'm tired.


Spike and tentacles will never cease to amuse me. *giggle!snort*

I'm glad I swallowed my water before looking at this. *giggles a lot*

Perhaps I should hae put a warning on it.

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