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The RDAs are over.

The last round winners are HERE.

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*pets you* Congrats on getting this finished.

it was a labour of love, but everyone pitched in. Thanks.

A big THANK YOU to you and all the other judges for finishing these!

As usual I agree with some, and disagree with some - which is exactly as it should be - so a big round of applause for the judges for carrying on beyond the call of duty!!

I wonder which one you agree with? ;)

Tricky question, that...


Well done for following this through, though!

I free! (and not in a John Inman one).

Just rest. It'll be days and days before anyone asks anything else impossible of you...

Not just one! Although I was pleased to see the husband winning. I haven't read all the winners, although I must try to, and so I don't know always whether they were even better than the runners ups.

I was particularly pleased to see dutchbuffy getting an award for 'His voice is like a Mars Bar', and I loved the two winning drabbles, amongst other winners.

And only one of the award winners made me think 'Humph - twee' when I read it before. And as it wasn't in an angst category being sweetly twee is not a major reason for not getting a pretty! (Although ME thinking something is too twee, bearing in mind my inability to do angst, is unusual!)

Thank you, Boggy. You shouldered this and it gave closure.

Phew. It's a big relief.

Thanks so much to you and the other judges for all your hard work in finishing this, Bogwitch. {{hugs}}

It needed to be done. Can I rest now?

Aw, yes my dear, you can rest now. ::wipes poor Bogwitch's weary brow::

I wanted to pop over and say 'thank you' for keeping the rdas going so we could have round 3 :)

I'm just suprising no one beat me to it.

You guys deserve a round of applause for picking up the pieces. (applause)

Just doin' my job m'am.

Congratulations on a job well done! You folks deserve a standing ovation.

*stands and applauds, but quietly so Boggy can get some sleep*

Ugh. Wha' that clapping...?

Hee. Thanks, I am so glad it's over.

Thanks for continuing with these. It's nice to see some great authors recognised and to find others that I hadn't read before.

I suppose that's the point! Excellent.

Thank you, and everyone who helped you, SO much for continuing on with this. It means a lot!

The awards are so purty!!!

Thank you. And well done.

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