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I am a victim of torture

I've been typing solidly for two weeks now, but today has been agony. My fingers are killing me.

Why the hell am I typing this?


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And I have a chapter to finish!

What you need is one of those speech recognition thingies. Although I reckon that they'd never work since everyone speaks differently than how they want to type... and you'd sound like a flipping loser prattling away to a computer... and you wouldn't be able to sing along to anything as you were typing. Thinking about that, actually, the idea was obviously come up with by a man...

Of course, you're now wishing that you could give your pain to me to get me to shut up, so I will.

Lol. Don't think I wasn't thinking about one of those programs. I was sitting thinking 'I wonder if they'd let me pop down Staples?'

My experience with OCR has made me as cynical as you about such things.

I know that Staples! Never been there, though.

OCR? (Sorry, being thick.)

Original Character Recognition, where you scan your paper document in and get gibberish a lovely text document out.

*laughs as she imagines the effect of her own handwriting*

Must have been an interesting experience. Was the computer prejudiced against any of your letters in particular? Or was it just generally crap?

I think it was for printed documents. I got something that was recogniable but needed heavy editing.

I would've thought that wouldn't have been too bad - especially if the program 'knew' the font it was trying to decifer. Of course, you forget that computers can't actually do anything for themselves...

Anyway, these days, surely most places just email things around?

You'd think that, yes. Yet sadly, no.

Your poor hands.

I have a hand stretch for that may help- only minimally, and only temporarily, but it's better than nothing.

Get down on hands and knees on the floor, and turn your palms up to face you. Put the side edge of your hands together, sides of pinky fingers touching. Now touch your fingers to the floor and then press forward, rolling your fingers down toward the floor until you start to feel a stretch in your fingers and wrists. Don't force it; just press forward until you feel the stretch, and then hold there for a count of 10-15. Then back off, peeling the fingers back off the floor and sit back again. Finally, shake out your hands, like you were flicking water off the ends of your fingers.

That is a good stretch for fingers and wrists after long hours typing and mousing. It's also good for preventing carpal tunnel syndrome.

I hope that description made sense. >:-S

I can't imagine doing that in the office...

But I'm going to try it.

Well, no. That was for at home. If you are in the office, stand up and do the same stretch on a table top or desk top. :)

Who knows? You may start a trend. :P

I'm at home. ;)

I tried it (I think). One hand feels better. The other, jury's still out on.

Glad to hear it.
The other thing that will help? Not typing for a bit. :P

Meeeps! For the pure, unadulterated fun?
Yay for the icon :)

I have had such a fun week! Can't wait for Monday!


Meeting minutes. Snore.

Oh, damn! So not only does it hurt, it's also boring. I'm sorry.

And legal meetings too. In wobbly handwriting!

Woe is me.

Oh dear! You have my full sympathies. In my previous life I was a secretary. :(

I'm an Administrator (spit), I'm not used to this.

No, it's gruesome even when you are used to it.

Still, it's work! :D *Mandy makes a vague attempt at being positive and fails as usual*

Why the hell am I typing this?</i>

Insanity. Online communication works that way. *g*

Poor baby - are you checking seat height, proper hand-rests etc? RSI is no joke - and it is an industrial injury, so your employers, however temporary, do have a duty to you in this regard.

I am a bad sloucher, but I brought in my own wrist rest. I'm not convinced of it's usefulness. I think the problem is actually a touch of arthritis and AC.

Why the hell am I typing this?
You're suffering for your art. It's a thing that you creative types do.
I'm very lucky that I am completely lacking imagination and inspiration. I never have to suffer. *grins*

I wouldn't mind if it was for my art, not for bloody meeting minutes.

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