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OMG. I went to work and left the oven on.

I thought it was a myth.

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Meep. I'm glad you're ok.

The scariest part was it's been on all night too! I might have been gassed in my sleep!


I did that once, too! Talk about an adrenaline rush when you realize...
At least you didn't have a fire.

Fire would be the least of my worries, I could have been gassed!

Yikes! Thankfully you are fine and the house is fine. Scary stuff, I once left an iron on.

No chance of me leaving an iron on. I don't do ironing.

Hey, me too! *points down to my post*

We must be kindred spirits...

Good thing you're okay! (When you need to replace the oven, think about going electric.) ;-)

Nooo! Electric drive me nuts! (my mum actually did destroy the kitchen with an electric oven, so there.)

Sounds like my husband's been cooking in your home. *eyeroll*

Remind me not to ask him round then.


Glad everything's OK.

I left the iron on once. Came home and just caught the sole plate buckling. *shudders at the memory* I'm totally paranoid now and check everything about three times before I leave the building.

I'm usually pretty paranoid, but I also went out leaving the windows open. Head the clouds me.

You know, it's about now I'd be shaking my fist at the heavens or something.
Glad to know it wasn't more serious!

I bought a lottery ticket at the weekend hoping the karmic cycle might turn in my favour. No chance.


In the days when we had au pairs one left the oven on with some chicken in a plastic container in it. Fortunately we'd been out and came home after only about three hours, so the oven didn't burn and the plastic fumes hadn't spread yet.

At least you're OK.

I've melted a few plastic bags on the hob before now. Not a nice pong.

All too easily done - I have been known to take the dinner out of the oven and not switch it off - but usually someone goes into the kitchen and notices the heat - then there are cries of 'Is the oven on for any reason?' and I have to admit to stupidity!

Glad you didn't incinerate yourself - at least if it was lit there wasn't a big chance of you gassing yourself - but I'm glad you managed not to do that either!

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