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Illyria Wallpaper (again)

To cheer myself up I finished a wallpaper.

Except it didn't really cheer me up as I not 100% happy with it. I'm up for some critique, feel free (look at the big version, as the thumbnail has been adjusted).

I have the urge to lighten it, but when I change it, I don't like it as much. I like the lurking in the shadows.

And what about the font, does it work for you?


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I like it - I put it on my desktop and it works really well. Although it does freak me out a bit. Which I suppose is the point?

And the font is excellent. Very her.

You should have seen it with eye highlights. Brrr.

I like it very, very much. Think the font works, I like the idea of the shadows. The lighter tones look like light falling, whereas the darker ones look a bit more like a paint brush. Do you think?
I like her eyes too.

Thanks, I just thought the dark might be a little overpowering, but if I lighten it the gradient underneath becomes really powerful and you lose the shadowy effect.

I try to make things striking, this is more subtle and I'm not sure.

Look! Goldfrapp icon!

It looks better in place as a wallpaper than as a picture, somehow. Very nice, in a scary sort of way. It has replaced my picture of Captain Jack in a vest flexing his muscles, which is quite a relief really. ;)

That is an honour - doubt it'll last though. ;)

The font's fine. It's the stare that creeps me out (but then, I'm a wimp).

Thanks. You wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley, would you?

Oh she looks a bit damn scary there...I love it!

Just how I like her. :)

Oh, spookily nice. Love the shadowing and the colouring. Her eyes are really scary. Not 100% on the font, but that's probably just me. It's only the 'W's - remind me of a Guinness ad (harps, I guess). I like simple. Which is why I married... no, cheap gibe.

Turn off the Donovan - that can't be helping any.

Donovan begone!

I had a hard job finding the right font. Fonts are tricky buggers, it's not always the ones you think that work.

I love it. It's perfect the way it is. I also love your "Love Burns" icon

I've been working on a wallpaper version of the icon, but I've fogotten exactly how I did it!

I love Illyria in this - her skin looks almost reptilian (or... er... whatever the adjective is that means tentacley ;). I think I might be with calove on the font though - for me it feels slightly too techno for Illyria, or (if that's not what I mean, because I'm not sure it is) maybe not organic enough?

I was trying to get 'sinister' with the font, without being to jokey. I don't have that many grunge font intalled at the moment, maybe they'd haven been better.

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