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I had intended to keep out of the whole RDA kerfuffle business, but seeing as it's my idea to keep them alive, I can't really escape it. So consider this as an official announcement of the judges' intention to finish them off.

I'm menstral; I have a nasty headache that feels like I've been hit with an acme anvil, I'm feeling particularily unloved and needy at the moment and I may well be slightly loopy, so I won't be able to email all the nominees tonight, feel free to pass it around.


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I wish you the best of luck wityh that, and don't envy you even a tiny bit.

I'm sure it'll backfire on me, but a lot of people were owed something.

Thanks, I just have my strop on.

Good luck; I hope it all works out for the best.

I'm not expecting to make any dramatic exits anyway.

Good luck with that - closure is generally good.

Exactly. LW may have had enoutgh - and I don't blame her - but the judges and the nominees deserved this to be done.

with your permission then, I'll quote parts of what you've posted (everything except the personal TMI menstrual stuff) on my lj.

Feel better - a little yoga will help.

I don't know any yoga, but I'm much calmer today.

You can quote whatever you like, but seeing as you've already posted, there's not a lot of point!

I'd be glad to see them wrapped up - a fitting ending, after all that hard work you all have put in. (comforting back pat)

We were so close to finishing, it needed to be done.

HUGS for courage to finish the RDAs! It is appreciated. I don't get that time of the month anymore as a result of some nasty invasive surgery earlier this year, but my right ovary is threatening to explode as a result of being left all aloooone. So the pain sympathy is heartfelt! HUGS again.

I'd be delighted to see the back of my uterus.

I think your efforts to finish off what was started with the RDAs is admirable. What an enormous amount of work and time and WOW, hon. I give you heaps and heaps of credit and respect.

I am sorry you are feeling unloved and needy.
I love you.
I know that doesn't help much in the RW. But know that I think you are amazing.

You are in my thoughts.

I sympathize, too. I had a hormone induced migrane last night that nearly put me under.
*gentle hugs and heaps of ibuprofrin*

>>>What an enormous amount of work and time

Between them and summer_of_spike, I've barely had time for anything else. Poor WIP. I'm damned if that time and effort was going to be wasted.

>>I am sorry you are feeling unloved and needy.
I love you.

Thank you, I needed that.

No matter what goes on with the RDA's, I appreciated all your and the other judge's hard work.

::sends Motrin and hot water bottle::

Let's hope I prove thicker skinned.

Grace under fire - you're my hero :)

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Finish off the RDA's? My hat's off in admiration. Good luck.

As to the other, I highly recommend a bottle of blackberry wine (I prefer Merlot myself, but any alcohol made from blackberries seems to work.)

I have no idea where to buy blackberry wine around here, though they made some yummy stuff in the New Forest.

I just hate not finishing things; especially after all that effort.

Well, I think you guys are amazing for the amount of work you've all put in and I really hope all the nominees appreciate that. All the very best.

You have no idea! I am never doing this again. Stop me if I get the the urge, won't you?

*applauds* That's really great of you to keep them open.

I'm having apretty bad time too - d'you think it's something to do with the time of year or something, because I swear it's worse than usual on the depression front... Anyway, just so you know that I for one think you're great. 'Cause you are. :)

Thanks, feeling a bit better now. I think this is the worst period I've ever had. Emotions and pain all over the place!

I'm not surprised that you are doing this. You've always impressed me as the kind of person who sees things through.

I know the nominees will appreciate. I hope they think to let know that.

Not finishing things properly does bother me, but a lot of people were owed something, it was important to not let them down for the sake of a little more effort.

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