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Octopus Army is here to stay...

My plans to spread the word of the tentacle are working!

Spent the evening luring small child with cuddly octopus and was rewarded by a lovely pink smudge octopus painting and stained carpet.


And a question. If I was to say, desecrate a church in a fic, would people lynch me? It was done by the bad people!

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If I was to say, desecrate a church in a fic, would people lynch me?

That would depend on if Spillyria and octopus sex was involved.

In that case you might be forgiven (speaking as a atheist non-christian)

Also speaking as an atheist, I can categorically say there are no tentacles involved this time.

You're corrupting minors with tentacles and you're worrying about a little thing like desecrating a church?

You should do what fits the fic. People don't like, they shouldn't read. We're all broadminded adults in this fandom, after all.

Oh, wait. I forgot. Not all of us.


Still at the WTF? stage.

I'm more worried about the mother (who has read the fic), who painted a lovely pic of an octopus attacking a fleet of ships and eating the sailors.

I was merrily smearing blood all over the altar and sticking the vicar's head in the font, then realised that people might not like it.

I will get back to the rant.

I don't think that's lynch worthy. Bad people do bad stuff. (Speaking as a Christian who lives in the real world.)

That's a relief then. I can go back to describing entrails.

I thought that happened in the shows already. Twice.

Possibly with less glee though.

Well, if you mean a "church" as a building, no go ahead desecrate away. I'd only object if you meant "church" as in a body of people. There again, sometimes even then I might not mind. ;)

Lynchings are always fun...

Can I kill the vicar? Go on, please?

The parishioner probably copped it too, but elsewhere.

Yeah, sure! C of E vicars are fair game. ;)

They always remind me of Dick Emery.

So long as Mandy doesn't make you think of Dick Emery! :P

No, just male vicars. Expect Dick Emery's head in the font then.

Complete with dodgy dentures I hope! ;)

Ooh, is this Working My Way Back To You?

I say go for it. And I say it with a certain amount of glee. But I profess the 'deeply befuddled' religion, so was never likely to mind.

Are you going to put the painting on your fridge?

Oh okay, it is. I have to make this damn chapter interesting somehow.

Heh. Well, ecclesiastical carnage is never dull.

Well, I wouldn't lynch you. Although warnings would help.
You've got it right, start young, impressionable young minds and all.

I'm going to have to up the warnings anyway as I'm getting to the horror bit.

Well, I'm another atheist, so my opinion probably isn't needed and I'm only agreeing with everyone else, so why am I bothering you? Haven't I got anything better to do?

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