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"Erotic" Icons

I've had a go at making an erotic set of icons for a challenge at darker_spike. How successful I was, you decide:

2 Spike/Tara (for some reason)
6 Spike/Buffy

1. 2.

3. 4.

5. 6.

7. 8.

ETA: Oops forgot the credits. I used various gradients by miggy and halicons.

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Very! Colour me a firey shade of impressed.

It seems to be my theme colour at the moment.

Thanks. All in a days work.

I was going to do a Dru one, but I didn't have a decent pic.

Very nice. I love you current colour choice!

Makes a change from all the blue.

Handsome and unfussy, great colours. I like 3 and 7 especially.

They're my favourites too.

Oh, very hot! If they're sharable, I'll probably snag a few!

Sure are. If post them, you can have them.

Pretty! Are they snaggable? ;)

These are great! I love number 5, just because it sends me off down the train of thought about how we we're s'posed to see Buffy as the victim throughout S6, and there's only a few times that they pull it off, and I do, therefore, get another cheap laugh at ME which is always nice - and it's also very pretty.

She's the kind of victim you'd like to be, particularly there!

Oooh, sexy! I love that intense look on Spike's face in #5. Must snag. :)

It's funny how the least naked one is about the most sexy.

Ooh, pretty! I'm snagging a few, if that's okay. :-)

(Deleted comment)
I love that you're making all these icons in my favourite colour -- and I think I may have to snag 'Temptation'. I so love that scene.

With all that passion going on, it had to be flamey colours.

Damn they're gorgeous. Love every last one of them, but especially 3 (just beautiful), 7 (very, very sexy) and 8 (hot... oh, yes, most definitely hot). And 1 makes me want to write Spara.

I may need to do the minion thing again.

You minioning is always welcome!

I like 3. Would you believe I made that at 7.30 in the morning?

Spara has been knocking on my brain too.

Thanks, they came out quite well. Except one.

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