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Smallville icons

Seeing as everyone sees to have one at the moment, starved of decent JM pics as we are, something posessed me to make some Brainiac icons...

If anyone wants to add their own text, they are welcome or I'll add anything anyone wants, if I can.

ETA: I forgot #8 uses one of miggy's image pack brush thingys.

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these are relaly cool. :]

Bloody hell, that was quick!

All of them look very cool. Took the first one.

Haha! My plan is working! We shall all have one!

Thanks, I was playing around and thought I'd share them.

I snagged the second one--I'm a purist. Brainiac is supposed to be green. *g*

I love this pic of him. Those cheekbones....*happy sigh*

I never thought I'd see the day I'd have a Smallville icon. Then I never thought I'd write AtS fic either, but there you go.

I love "robot."

Great work, Boggy!


Now someone (not me) has to write Brainiac/Buffybot.

Oh lovely! Can I take #2 and #6, please? I'll credit and promise not to hot-link - actually, what is hot-linking? I've never known. :P

You my take what you like, dear.

Hot-linking is when you say post a picture using the original poster's URL and not putting the pic on your own server.

Took #4 and #7 - it's good to see his pretty face again. **still dancing around screaming: It's real! It's real!** Will credit when used, of course.

Sure, thanks.

It's nice to see him nicely dressed again!

Clearly I am so out of the loop as to be off the planet somewhere...erm..JM is/will be in Smallville??

Oh yes. He has a recurring part this next season as the villian robot Brainiac.

These are awesome and very, very cyber-looking.
You are a star!
May I snag 3 and/or 7? I haven't made up my mind yet...

Of course!

I wanted to follow the robot theme through, but my mind wandered...

Mmm... pretty man, pretty icons.

Very classy. I may have to snag. I may even have to update in order to use them :)

They are very beautiful - but not for me - I keep thinking 'Pinky and the Brain' or 'Animaniacs' whenever I hear about Brainiac! Although the fact that JM seems to have transmogrified into Alan Shearer is really neat - wonder how he'll get on with Michael Owen?

Hee. There is a resembalance!

I love the one with the bubbles. And the way you've got mechanical-looking things blending neatly into his face in your icon. All jolly good.

Thanks. They make use of some of the odd pics I have on my hard drive!

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