Bogwitch (bogwitch) wrote,

Fic: The Raven Banner (Spike/Buffy) COMPLETE

A new five part Spike/Buffy fic wih extra valkyries!

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The Raven Banner

Previous Parts:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

Timeline: Season Five, BtVS in the middle of I was Made to Love You. In that millisecond of time between April powering down and Buffy's talk with Xander. It’s a tight squeeze, I know!

Summary: There is a Valkyrie missing in Sunnydale, can Buffy stop arguing with Spike long enough to find her and avert yet another apocalypse?

Notes: Written for noaluvjames who wanted a Buffy/Spike speed-dating story and who originally sparked off the idea. I hope this cheers you up. Also dedicated to hesadevil who isn't well. Get better soon. Anyone mystified by all the Norse Mythology, feel free to ask.

Thanks to hesadevil, calove, beanbeans, amybnnyc and sandy_s, between us we should have got this story (long)ship-shape.

Tags: all fic, btvs, spike/buffy

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