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I need a bit of help.

This probably sounds horribly egotistical, but I wanted to nominate one of my drabbles to the RDA's. However, I'm having trouble picking the best one.

These are the ones that qualify, and they can be found here:

So I made my first poll:

Which of these drabbles is the best?

Chunky Monkey
Second Chance
Strange Blue Doll
Bloodstained leather
From Dinner to Dust
Screaming Blue Murder
Let's Do Lunch



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I can't remember them by name, hon. Uh. Which ones are spillyria? I read all of those and loved them. :P

Good point, perhaps I should label them.

I don't think it's egotistical at all...why not nominate one of your own? It's no different than submitting to a contest or a challenge if you think about it.

Divided rocks my socks. Totally.

I'm a Brit, and it doesn't come naturally to nominate yourself, not when the implication is that other people are supposed to do it! But I wanted to compete, damn it.

I suspect I know what will win, but there are others I like too...

Where are these RDA's, anyway? I may need to go vote now that I know someone who is nominated, *g!*

But it is judged rather than voted. But go nominate! difficult to choose...I went with 'Cobalt' because it ticks all my boxes, and because I remember how thrilled I was when I first read it. But really, they're all worthy of nomination.

BTW, did you know that your link to Let's Do Lunch takes the prospective reader to Is Anybody There? on your fic page?

I couldn't decide between, Divided, Strange Blue Doll, Cobalt, or Bloodstained Leather, see my dilemma?

As for the link, oops. I always do something wrong, don't I? :)

And I'm always the one that has to draw your attention to it...Aren't you sick of me yet? ;-)

Nah, what would I do without you?

I'm a sucker for Spikebusters :) Also a sucker for the sucker-having one, though...

It was great reading these again. Oh, but the link for 'Lets Do Lunch' leads to 'Is Anybody There?'

Oops. As has already been pointed out!

Thanks, I will correct the link when I get home later.

Spikebusters isn't a particular favourite of mine. Actually me top favourite is my Willow/Tara one, but that doesn't qualify.

Gah! Now the one that I nominated isn't winning. Hmmmmm.....
They're all great, btw.

Thanks. It does look like I have a winner.

Are you sure that 'Strong' doesn't qualify? Spike is in it as much as he is in 'Chunky Monkey', and it's your second-best drabble IMO.

The best is 'The Stain Was Still There', but I can see why that doesn't qualify because Spike isn't in it.

Only his blood.


I'm a bit embarrassed about 'The Stain Was Still There', I thought it was terrible. It took me awhile to dare post it. (I have another thing I'm too embarrassed to post, maybe I should brush that up!).

Strong doesn't qualify as it's for souled Spike only.

Oh, of course. I'm a bit hazy about the classifications on the RDAs as no-one has nominated me, I don't self-nominate, and my attempt to nominate frimfram in Round One went disastrously wrong and may well have been the first step in the sequence of events that has led to ladywenham becoming so stressed out that she is considering shutting the RDAs down.

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