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I've had a little fic idea and I've started it. It's a companion piece to my sole fan fic effort Tattered Valentines, but will act as a stand alone. It's supposed to answer a few questions I had about End of Days. I've only got a few notes as yet, but I'll post a snippet when I've got something a bit more substantial. I'm telling you this to give myself a commitment to actually finish it.

In other news...
The clutch on the car is fixed! Hurrah!
She drives like a different car. She's FRISKY!, woof!
Unfortunately she's developed another problem - she stalls every time I stop. She needs a service.
She's always been difficult.

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I like the flow. I like how Spike is still jealous although it is un-warranted. I love the ending. Will there be more!


Thank you very much.

I do hope there will be more - just takes place later in the season. I want to get into the emotions of the kitchen scene in End of Days. And why does go out the kitchen door?

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