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Dunstable Kite Festival

I have sunburn!

Today was spent at the Dunstable Kite Festival up on the downs. Rain, cloud and little wind failed to put a dampener on proceedings:

A kite (airborne):

Image hosted by

A (hippy) Kite (not airborne - and not going to be)

Image hosted by

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No... It's a frog!

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

Nothing interesting, just a flying crocodile:

Image hosted by

Kites in love. Ahhhh...

Image hosted by

Start of the alien invasion.

Image hosted by

Run for the hills! Oh, we are on a hill...

Image hosted by

I bought a windsock.


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Hee! Kites in love!

I was always so crap with kites. I'd run around and it would just trail behind me...or get stuck.

Personally I just get bored. My own kite, which is a hand painted Chinese one of a Bat, is crap. It's very good at nosedives.

My own kite, which is a hand painted Chinese one of a Bat, is crap.

But it does sound ver pretty. Could you hang it up somewhere?

It's not that pretty at all really. It's a strange brown.

Well that's annoying. Stupid kite.

Which is why I don't fly it.

Those kites are gorgeous! I always love your picspam.

Thanks, they make my life appear far less dull!

It always amazes me that people can get them to fly - I remember Daughter-dear having one when she was about six - but I don't remember it ever getting airborn.

Depends on the kite and how much wind is required to give them lift. We were trying to fly my dad's dragon kite today, which is supposed to like light winds, but we barely got off the ground. Then it started to rain and the silk paint started to run and we had to pack up.

How I managed to get sunburnt today of all days amazes me.

Great pictures. I'm sure kite shows are way more peaceful than air shows.

I used to have a kite with the Marvel Comics version of Thor on it. Naturally I couldn't get it to fly, but I used it as decoration in the front room. Blimey I'm remembering something from a good 30 years ago! Wouldn't mind if I could remember what I had for me tea yesterday! ;)

Kite show would be peaceful if the stunt flyers weren't blasting Basement Jaxx at full volume.

>>>I'm remembering something from a good 30 years ago! Wouldn't mind if I could remember what I had for me tea yesterday

Just don't start on about the war.

Eeee! You young'uns don't know you're born. When I were a lad, we'd never seen a banana and when they came into the shops we went fair crackers...

Oopps! Sorry, ...don't start on about the war. :P

Flying crocodile's my personal favourite. It looks like a lot of fun. Did they have any of the kites that make that terrifying ripping screaming sound? Is there a style of kite that actually does that, or is it just that kites sometimes rip?

I have no idea. I didn't see any, but then the wind was light, there might not have been enough for them.

These are really cool photos - thanks very much for posting. Up to your usual very high picspam standards. I particularly liked the first one.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No... It's a frog!
As long as it's not a crazy frog, right?

Glad you think so.

>>>As long as it's not a crazy frog, right?

I didn't notice any gemitalia blacked out.

I bought a windsock.

I want one!

I'm always wary of kites, ever since the Irish brother-in-law was attacked by one one Penmaenmawr beach in the long hot summer of '76. It hit him full in the chest and was one of those steel framed ones. Even so, I love the bird one and would like to see a pic of your dad's dragon kite.

Do silk paints run? I'm going to be doing a couple of scarves as Christmas presents. Does that mean they can't be worn out in the rain? Or will I have to 'fix' the paints with that revolting stuff the Anglo Saxons used?

Get your Windsock at Dunstable Kites!


I was hopeing to get a nice pic of the dragon, but the stubbon old sod wouldn't go up. Next time I will.

The Kite has about 20 small silk discs that are painted on and they bled. I have no idea how to fix them or what.

I have no idea how to fix them or what.

The Romans used human urine to make the 'alum' to fix natural dyes. I've just finished a chapter of Bernard Cornwell's 'Winter King' where the narrator is hiding in the pits used in the dyeing process. Eeew!

Sounds like he's been reading Schlinder's List.

Nah - he just does his research thoroughly. This is the author of the Sharpe books we're talking, not some Johnny come lately.

Are you still temping?

How long's this contract?

Ooooh - MWNN called me to look out of the window. There was a hot air balloon British School of Ballooning struggling to clear the roofs of houses across the road. I took a photo through my bedroom window as it crossed over us, but it was climbing bv then so it's not a good shot. That was almost two hours ago. He then cooked a late dinner and I've only just got back to this comment.

It was two weeks, but they keep asking me back.

We get lots of balloons around here.

Lovely kites. the family were very kite orientated. The husband got one stuck in french electricity wires when the girls were babies. Many French beaches rang to the cry of don't let go! They always let go. We have make your own kite books and special material he bought but didn't get on with. I think "You're not touching my sewing machine could have been an issue there.
Still temping? Is the holiday in the autumn?

Yes, still temping, alas.

Holiday is in October.

My dad is firmly in a kite phase. He has a number of hobbies that circle round over the years. He's made kites before, now he's making another to hang windsocks off.

The husband has phases with hobbies, next one usually bites just as he has all the gear for the last one, sigh! I wish his circled, they more overlap the interests but not the stuff.

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