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Wallpaper: Starfield

Further to my last post. For those who have already nicked it (hobbituk I'm looking at you!):

is now available as a wallpaper.


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The gorgeous photo I started with helped a lot.

Geez, that's gorgeou.s. I just wish my icons weren't all over Buffy's face.

::goes to try and rearrange desktop::

Thanks for sharing.

Most people would find that the attraction.

That's a gorgeous wallpaper.

Hee... you caught me! I'm taking this one, too!

It should be a better fit eh?

Very lovely, thank you very much.

Sadly I'm going to have to save it until I'm bored of the new Dr Who Wallpaper...

I SAID.... oh never mind!

It's just that the new Doctor looks like Jarvis Cocker and wears trainers with a suit and OK, Spike does look remarkably pretty but...


I suppose I should just be honoured you considered having Spuffy on your desktop at all.

It's true, you should be... there again at least James Marsters likes girls! LOL

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