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A little art for me, by me!

No one else was going to make me any art, so I did it myself:

I've trying to make this picture for ages and I couldn't get it to work, today it just gelled.

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Lovely artwork! And don't feel bad -- I never get art either, unless I sign up for some art-a-thon thing. Let's just pretend that makes us cool somehow, yeah? ::lick::

Well, I sort did sign up and I still didn't get any. I suppose it isn't really that fair when I can do them myself! I'm just lazy.

I love it... aren't you clever!!! *pets you*

Will it work as wallpaper? 'Cause I would like to see spectral Spike when I turn my pc on if you don't mind!

I'm working on the wallpaper. I wasn't going to put this up yet as it's for an art challenge, but I was experimenting with the upload and decided to make it public.

I'm such a fan of the celestial.

That is beautiful - absolutely beautiful - who's a clever witch then?

I can do them when I try.

Now that's just gorgeous - I'm rather glad that no one makes art for you if this is the result. ;)

Given where my loyalties lie in the Spike-Buffy dynamic, it's weird of me to comment on her over him, but I really like what you did to her.

What fade her out so you can't see her face? ;)

What I did to her was actually a bit of an accident.

This is so striking, especially Buffy's spooky blue face. You've inspired me to dig up my skyscape desktop that I left unfinished a few months ago. Hm. *fires up Photoshop*

Long before fandom, astronomy pics where always on my desktop.

That is so pretty - and sparkly.

You must teach me how to use layers sometime. I'm still floudering with Photoplus 6.5 and haven't dared install the photoshop you sent me because it will mean learning to use a new program before I've mastered the old one.

::~Is lazy, too::

And no-one makes me any art either, apart from you, that one time.

PSP is much easier than Photoshop and really this wasn't anything difficult. I have to say though that I have learnt a lot from communities like icon_tutorial.

What about all the 12 Days stuff? And you keep giving me commissions I can't figure out how to do!

Talking about lazy, I was so busy with this I forgot about your chapter (and frimfram's). Oops.

That is beautiful! Wow. Can't take my eyes off it!

I wish I had your talent- or even sw to let me do fan art!!;)

Good pics to start with help.

I usually cringe when I see manips, but you always do a good job. It's a good one. Also, thanks for not using a pick of JM splayed out on the motorbike or the one where his shirt is all open and looking all predator like. Spike's bedroom eyes gets me all gloopy, JM's come hither eyes just creeps me out.

Ah, but is it Spike or The First?

I like the motorbike! But it had to be relevant.

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