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Unappreciated Music

I have this addition to buying CD's.

Now, I don't just buy anything - I do make sure that I buy things I like, but I just don't listen to them once I've got them. Then years later I hear something really good on the radio or TV and then find out that I've owned it for years.
Case 1: The Sunday's Wild Horses. Played in Buffy, loved by me. Lurking on the forgotten Blind Lp that's sat on my shelf for aeons.
Case 2: I discovered a MP3 of Lush's Undertow on one of my many tours of the web recently. I adore it, only to find that its from their Split album which I've had about two years and never played.
I shall now play this album to death in the car.
Name dropping Lush story: Once saw Miki Berenyi at the 1993(?) XFM Xmas Party when Suede played. She had very scarlet hair and my friend chatted to her in the loo.



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