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Bombs in London

There's nothing you can really say about incidents such as this, especially while it's still unfolding, except hope that it isn't as serious as it appears. I'm not expecting good news on that front.

This bomb business has made me really shaky, and I'm 30 miles away.

This bomb business has made me really shaky, and I'm 30 miles away.

I'm a whole county away and I'm well upset. There again Laura was plannng to got to London tomorrow... :(

Yeah, I think you tend you go through 'what if?' scenarios.

Shaky and scared for the future.

*strokes you*

Chin up, old thing.

This bomb business has made me really shaky, and I'm 30 miles away.

Still too close to home. Besides, it brings back memories of the last time - I was working in town then.

Bloody hell.

I've only ever been in scares.

This is bloody horrible.

No other way of saying it.

Can't get onto the BBC website. That is unusual.

It won't affect my life, but it's still a place i know and love.

This bomb business has made me really shaky, and I'm 30 miles away.

That's still very close, actually too close... *hugs you tightly*

being on the same planet is too close really.

It's good to hear that you're okay even if you're not in the middle of it. The last bombing I was close to freaked me out pretty badly myself. Do you happen to know if the phones are down in the area? I have a friend that works in the financial district and it's driving me nuts because I can't get ahold of him.

~M (who is very worried)

Phone companies have been ordered under the emergency plan to free up capacity, so personal calls are restricted. That might be why.

I'm insanely relieved that you are okay.
Sitting in front of the telly, crying, hating that this crap goes on and on in the world.

Huge hugs for you.

Hee. I'm really nowhere nearly it!

I hate that these things happen too, but nowhere is truly safe. I've had a bomb go off opposite my bus stop in Johannesburg (I wasn't there due to a series of co-incidences), there's been bombs in London at places I go, I'm going to Istanbul which has been bombed. You just have to go on.

sending you tons of hugs. it has me shaky, too, and we're a good deal further away. i have a similar sick feeling as when 9/11 unfolded. i just hope this is over for now and the g8 can continue and make an historic difference.

Yeah, it has the same feeling, and it's certainly not the first time something huge and tragic has happened in London (even excluding bombs).

*clings to you*

I'm so glad you weren't anywhere near the attack. This makes me so sick and angry I'm almost incoherent.

There's some advantage to be out in the commuter belt.

Still, I'm glad to see you're okay.

Thank you. 30 miles is a long way here, not so much in other countries.

My first thoughts were of you and flurblewig. Glad you're OK.

Thank you, but i barely leave the house these days. ;)

I'm glad you're okay. ::hugs::

Thanks for the thought, especially after your own shock.

::hugs you tight:: Glad you're okay, was worried.

Thanks! Haven't left the flat!