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Five thingys meme

I've contracted a virulent strain of meme from sanda56.

Five Things I Can't Live Without

1 Tampons
2 Paper and pens
3 Spike
4 The Internet
5 A boyfriend. Unlucky.

Five Food and/or Beverages I Love

1 Diet Coke
2 Chinese/Thai Food
3 Rice
4 Tiramisu
5 Chicken

Five Things That I Have to Always Have With Me

1 Paper and pens
2 Sunglasses
3 Discman and CDs
4 money
5 USB Flash drive

Five Things I Will Perpetually Hate Only five???

1 Tomatoes
2 work
3 Dance Music
4 Chris Tarrant
5 Myself hot weather

Who to pass the infection on to? I hate picking people... Anyone who has a nasty rash at the moment.


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