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Radio Four is actually rather good

They were discussing Buffy on Radio Four's Woman's Hour today, and who was the only other character mentioned?

Yup, Spike.

I have my results from the sleep study. I have sleep apnoea. I get wired up to a machine tomorrow. Beware Cyborg Bogwitch!

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I don't know anything about sleep apnoea - now they know what's wrong, do they know how to help you? I hope tihs is the start of better things for you.

I'm currently listening to the Woman's Hour on the strength of this, and have yet to get to the Buffy section. Mentioned it to my boyfriend over MSN; he promptly went off to the website and then messaged in horror that the site had spoilt the end of S7, which he has yet to see (he's up to Showtime)! Happily, the website's version of what happened bears no resemblance to the actual ending of the show. Snerk.

I'm not sure that Woman's Hour is today's edition btw.

The fix for the sleep thing is to wear a face mask that is attached to a machine while I'm sleeping to help me breathe (as I stop breathing now).

Eech! You must be relieved it's being sorted out.

I just heard the Buffy section, I thought that the two academics were just waiting to be off air to start squeeing ;) They're on to bald men now. No one's done the joke about it being a solar power for a sex machine yet.

Hopefully I'll become bursting with energy!

They couldn't wait to mention Spike and James, could they?

"... So really, Buffy is a postfeminist rather than a feminist icon. But beyond the politics, I think the show's real strength came not just from Joss Whedon's input, but from the fact that so many people invested creative energy, for example the actor who played the 'Spike' character, James Marsters, liek OMG he was soooooo totally hawt squueeeeeeeeeeee!"

As though I wouldn't have done exactly the same ;)

The fix for the sleep thing is to wear a face mask that is attached to a machine while I'm sleeping to help me breathe

What, for the rest of your life, or...? And how big is that machine? Can you take it on holiday with you?

Haven't a clue on any of those questions!

Yes, unless you have the operation to stop you snoring, the machine is there for the rest of your life (if it works for you). You should be able to take it on holiday with you (our Ozzie friends had a guest who boated with them who used one). And it's not just to stop you being so tired, either. The condition can be very serious if left untreated. You stop breathing for a split second, regularly through the night and it's the sudden gasp s you start brething again that wakes you up (you're unaware of being woken). That's what makes you so tired, you never go into a really deep cycle of sleep. Google for it and be amazed at how many of you there are in the country.

MWNN suffered from this in a mild form when he was younger, weighed more, and had much more stress in life than he does now. He still snores for the World but very rarely has attacks like yours.

I think I've needed it for a very long time, I've always been a light sleeper. I can't wait actually, it's about time I did something about it.

My father has sleep apnea. He won't try any treatment for it and constantly complains about how tired he is. (Men!)

Let us know how the machine works for you - maybe I can hold you up as a shining example to him. :-)

I will. It's not a perfect solution but I'm fed up with being exhausted all the time.

I'm fairly certain that my mother had sleep apnoea when I was younger, but I don't remember what they did for treatment.

Not a lot probably. Still they seem very confident about this machine.

Sorry to hear about the sleep apnoea, hopefully though the treatment will help.
When the kids were little I loved woman's hour, though I thought the title needed updating then. Still love radio 4.

Women's Hour is a bit Women's Institute, isn't it? I got really into Radio Four last year when the ex left, it stopped me dwelling on things when driving.

I use a cpap machine -- and it does help. Takes some gettin' used to, but it does make you feel more refreshed and AWAKEd during the day.

I couldn't feel less refreshed, I'm looking forward to getting the CPAP machine.

Sleep apnoea, huh? Can't say I'm surprised. Well, they can do stuff about that, so fingers crossed for you!

Darn. I missed Woman's Hour. I usually have Radio 4 burbling in the background while I'm working to try and make it feel like I'm in an office again and stop me going out of my tree with lonliness. I have even caught myself talking to it, which is somewhat worrying.

So - what did they say?

I'm not surprised either. I've known I've had it for years. i used to work with someone who was diagnosed and she had exactly the same symtoms, I just didn't get around to sorting it out.

You can listen to Woman's Hour on the BBC website. They didn't say a lot really. They were talking about an academic conference and why Buffy was so appealing.

My dad doesn't like working from home either for the same reasons.

eekk at being wired up >.< good luck with that gurly :D and YAY! for the spike mention :D I have been seeing and reading some great buffy fic's lately. take care lovehugz to you.

Thank you. At least it's not some horrible surgery.

Beware Cyborg Bogwitch!
Heh. I'm sure it'd be much more interesting to talk about you in my dissertation than all the other crap material I'm wading through!
Hope that it went ok, btw

It's like trying to sleep in a scuba mask.

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