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I don't know whether to be happy or pissed off, my car has broken down for the second time in a month (the last time it needed an Exhaust) and I can't get to work. So two days off at least for me (Yay!). This time it appears to be the clutch as I don't have reverse. This is really the last thing I need financially.

This has given me the time to finally type up the meme from darling_effect

ten cds you own:
From over 300, I’ll pick absolute classics:
1. Join Hands – Siouxsie and the Banshees
2. Rid of Me – P J Harvey
3. Songs of Faith and Devotion – Depeche Mode
4. Doppelganger – Curve
5. The Bends – Radiohead
6. Fontenelle – Babes in Toyland
7. Levelling the Land – The Levellers
8. Forever – The Cranes
9. Last Splash – The Breeders
10. Into the Labyrinth – Dead can Dance

nine bands you've seen live:
Oh so many:
1. Sonic Youth (Kentish Town Forum, 1994ish) – Best band I’ve ever seen, Prolapse in support darling_effect!
2. Blur (twice, at Wembley and at Mile End Stadium 1995?)
3. Pulp (at Glastonbury 1995)
4. Depeche Mode (5 times from the Music for the Masses tour to the Exciter tour, the best being the Crystal Palace gig with The Sisters of Mercy 1992?)
5. Suede (XFM Xmas Party, 1993)
6. PJ Harvey (Also at Glastonbury ‘95, I’d love to see her again)
7. Easyworld (January 2003)
8. Rage Against the Machine (Wembley, January 2000)
9. Katastrophy Wife (The Garage, December last year and again this year in May?) – The December gig was the worst gig I have ever been to, we went back again for the laugh, but it was better that time, good support both times from The Suffrajets)

eight songs you'd die without:
I think you can tell my head’s stuck in the early 90’s:
1. Sweetness and Light - Lush
2. Turkey Crossing - Curve
3. Sirens (demo version) – One Dove (Never sounded the same on record)
4. Cannonball – The Breeders
5. Stripped _ Depeche Mode
6. Tomorrow’s Tears – The Cranes
7. Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead
8. 50ft Queenie – PJ Harvey

seven of your favourite lines in songs:
This question is really hard and has stumped me all week, so off the top of my head:
1. “She’s got so much clit she don’t need no balls” L7 - Fast and Frightening
2. “My cat is amazing, he can play the guitar, he may not be an actor but he’s a pussy superstar” Jack off Jill – My Cat (Only because I can’t believe they actually recorded this)
3. “I WANNA FUCK YOUR MOTHER!” 80’s Matchbox B-Line Disaster – Celebrate Your Mother. Not the words themselves, but the way they’re delivered.
4. “I vacuumed out my head, Jumping from bed to bed, My name is Gretel, A soul of metal, My name is Gretel, I've got a sloppy slut” Babes in Toyland – Handsome and Gretel (for the sheer anger of it)
5. “You tell me it's gross to suck my yeast infection, How do you think I feel when I GAG on your erection?” Consolidated – You Suck (All the lyrics really, but that line is the best!)
6. “I’d rather die than give you control” Nine Inch Nails – Head like a Hole
7. “I'll come to you like an affliction, And I’ll leave you like an addiction, You'll never forget me” Rollins Band - Liar

six cds you wish you owned:
1. At The Club - Kenickie
2. Back to the Planet (I can’t remember the title, it might be a self title)
3. Puressence – Planet Helpless
4. Puressence – Only Forever
5. Daisy Chainsaw (whatever there is, I’ve never found any)
6. Pale Saints – Comforts of Madness

five songs that make you sad:
1. Atmosphere – Joy Division (or New Dawn Fades, Day of the Lords...)
2. The Smiths – How Soon is Now?
3. Here is the House – Depeche Mode (for very personal reasons)
4. All Apologies – Nirvana
5. Pink Frost – The Chills

four songs that make you happy:
1. Rock Lobster – B52’s
2. Fool’s Gold – The Stone Roses
3. Sweetness and Light - Lush
4. Bulletproof – Pop Will Eat Itself

three bands/songs you're embarrassed to say you like:
1. Madonna (most of it)
2. Shed Seven (Not so much now, but when they first appeared)
3. Kula Shaker

two voices you'd die without:
1. Siouxsie Sioux
2. Lisa Gerrard

one band you thank god for:
This was also very hard to pin down, as I have a worship of Depeche Mode and a great love for Curve, but I have to pick:
Dead Can Dance
As they’ve given me so much and fulfilled many of my musical desires and because they’re just plain great.

Also Bob wanted a go:

ten cds you own:
1. Cream – Live Volume 1
2. Tori Amos - Professional Widow
3. The Specials
4. Dead Kennedys – Fresh Fruit for Rotten Vegetables
5. Best of Howlin’ Wolf (Chess Edition)
6. The Smiths – Hatful of Hollow
7. Queens of the Stone Age – Rated R
8. Blondie – Parallel Lines
9. The Beatles – White Album
10. Jimi Hendrix – Electric Ladyland

nine bands you've seen live:
1. Skid Row
2. The Almighty
3. Beth Orton
4. Babes in Toyland
5. True Grit
6. Anthrax
7. Easyworld
8. The Suffrajets
9. Love/Hate

eight songs you'd die without:
1. Cream – Sunshine of your Love (live)
2. Howlin Wolf – Backdoor Man
3. The Beatles – Honey Pie
4. John Lennon – Working Class Hero
5. The Beatles – Mother Nature’s Son
6. Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Chile (Long Version)
7. The Smiths – What Difference Does it Make?
8. Queens of the Stone Age – Monsters in My Parasol

seven of your favourite lines in songs:
Paraphrased in the pub:
1. “Born with a six pack in my hand” – Black Flag – Six Pack
2. “The sun shines out of out behinds” The Smith’s - Hand in Glove
3. “You ain’t mom, and you ain’t my tattoo, so get the fuck out” Skid Row – Get the Fuck Out
4. “you may sit there with you pork and beans, I’ve eaten more chicken than you’ve ever seen.” Howlin Wolf – Backdoor Man
5. “It’s not very far, we’ll get there in a day, we’ll get there by dragonfly.” Jimi Hendrix – Spanish Magic Castles
6. “I’m looking over the wall, they’re looking at me, I’m looking at them.” Sex Pistols – Holidays in the Sun
7. “She was a girl from Birmingham, she just had an abortion, her name was Pauline and she lived in a tree.” Sex Pistols - Bodies

six cds you wish you owned:
1. We’ve Come to Redecorate your Living Room – True Grit
2. Nurse – Therapy?
3. The King of Leon Album
4. State of Euphoria – Anthrax
5. Surf Nicaragua – Sacred Reich
6. Anything by Abbas Brooks

five songs that make you sad:
1. Any Joy Division
2. The Smiths – How Soon is Now?
3. The Beatles – Norwegian Wood
4. Any Christmas Carols
5. Bob Dylan – Knocking on Heaven’s door

four songs that make you happy:
1. Shonen Knife – Burning Barn
2. Cream - NSH
3. Bob Dylan – Maggie’s Farm
4. Cream - Sunshine of your love

three bands/songs you're embarrassed to say you like:
1. Madonna - Vogue
2. Iron Maiden – Running Free
3. Sultans of Ping – Where’s me jumper?

two voices you'd die without:
1. Howlin’ Wolf
2. Kristen Hersh

one band you thank god for:
Howlin’ Wolf</i>

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