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Drabble: Electrical Phenomena (Willow/Illyria)

The muse is on a roll now, in the wrong direction, but never mind.

This is a treat for those of you who read Twelve Days and wanted some Willow/Illyria:

Cut for Femmeslash. Whoo! (not especially graphic)

Electrical Phenomena – Bogwitch
(Willow/Illyria, naughty drabble)

Illyria is not Willow’s type of girl, she looks more like some punk Spike would pull than the pretty little earth mother Willow lost her heart to. Under the blue, stringy hair, she has a sharp neon glower that’s cold, cold, cold and she stares into nothing when they fuck. But it’s her power that draws Willow into Illyria’s insensate embrace. It’s heady, exhilarating; trading energies and electrical phenomena as they kiss and touch those secret places, the charge between them filling her until she feels she could snap her fingers and create a universe.

She can’t wait to orgasm.


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She can’t wait to orgasm.

When she will go all nuclear and finish what Illyria threatened to do in Timebomb ;).

Very nicely done.

Willow and Illyria... Duck and Cover!

I have a ficlet for tomorrow.

Zing! and ZAP!

Can't wait for the ficlet. :)

Now I just have to think of an ending...

Tease! I'm not good at waiting for good fic.

I have to finish it first!

This is not a pairing I have ever considered before, but it has the potential for serious development - two power-hungry ladies, dizzy on a shared high... together they could rule the world! ::backs away carefully::

I was thinking this morning what a good series this would be:

She's a meglomanic former God with a killer queen stare, She's a power mad lesbian witch with a murderous past. Together they fight crime!

Of course Spike will be there too.

Imagine it, it'd be like Thelma and Louise on the magic crack.

The plotbunnies never rest, do they? Did you see this post by shapinglight by the way... we thought you might like to write Illyria/Spike/Dragon fics? Just imagine how much fun Illyria would have with a dragon...

Neat. You found the common element that would bind this unlikely pair.

It's all about POWER. Terrifying really.

Oooooh, great drabble, lovely language particularly Illyria's insensate embrace. Yum. Loved the last two lines. Nice that it's from Willow's perspective, we see what draws her to Illyria, just the opposite of Tara. But what does Illyria think of Willow?

Now you're tempting me.

Ooh, take the temptation! I too had never considered this pairing but you make it sound very plausible. Looking forward to the ficlet too.

Now the ficlet is pretty much done, I do one going the other way.

I could really see Willow backsliding and being drawn to Illyria's innate power. ::shivers::

It's a real gruesome twosome. If I could write all the things I like to, a Willow/Illyria/Spike road trip would be on the list.

Writer's block or not, you can still come up with the goods. Chapeau!

Much as I'd like to write faster, I seem need a break from it now and again. More tomorrow!

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