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Drabble: Electrical Phenomena (Willow/Illyria)

The muse is on a roll now, in the wrong direction, but never mind.

This is a treat for those of you who read Twelve Days and wanted some Willow/Illyria:

Cut for Femmeslash. Whoo! (not especially graphic)

Electrical Phenomena – Bogwitch
(Willow/Illyria, naughty drabble)

Illyria is not Willow’s type of girl, she looks more like some punk Spike would pull than the pretty little earth mother Willow lost her heart to. Under the blue, stringy hair, she has a sharp neon glower that’s cold, cold, cold and she stares into nothing when they fuck. But it’s her power that draws Willow into Illyria’s insensate embrace. It’s heady, exhilarating; trading energies and electrical phenomena as they kiss and touch those secret places, the charge between them filling her until she feels she could snap her fingers and create a universe.

She can’t wait to orgasm.

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