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Drabble: Let's Do Lunch (Spike & Illyria)

I have terrible writer's block so in an attempt to get going again, I have a quick drabble for you. I can't seem to think of a title for this one. I'm going to regret saying that, I'm sure.

Let's Do Lunch by Bogwitch
(AtS, Season five, Spike and Illyria, gatecrashing a client buffet)

“This body requires sustenance,” Illyria ordered. “I was sent here.”

Spike waved a hand at the disordered remains of the Wolfram and Hart buffet, while appropriating the plate of spicy wings for himself. "It’s all yours."

“What are those?”

“Boiled eggs, Pet.” He dropped one egg into her palm.

Illyria looked at it curiously, her blue eyes staring at the thing he’d given her. "I will not eat the ovulation of such low creatures."

It felt smooth, strangely heavy in her hand. Almost perfect in slippery symmetry, it shined wetly, but felt dry like an eyeball…

“Perhaps they will do.”


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:) Nothing like a nice drabble to get the juices flowing.

As long as it isn't egg juice. I hate eggs.


And double hee! You're like me: you do research for drabbles!

Every word I post has to be as right as I can get it (even lowly drabbles). I have standards.

I adore and covet your Illyria voice. This was fun -- and SO in character.

I really have no idea what it says about me that I identify with Illyria. :O

Ta! Just a little something I knocked up.

I really don't want to know why holding eyeballs is something Illyria's familiar with, do I? ::g::

Loved it.

Possibly best not to ask.

God I love your Illyria. She always makes me laugh!

Illyria is such a serious character, she's automatically comedy material to me.

I neeeeeed more Illyria ideas.

::looks at workload::

Perhaps I don't. But I want some.

Tried to come up with a title for this - failed

Don't want to sound picky but weren't all Fred's organs all liquified? How come Illyria needs to eat? Mind you, Dr Sparrow said her brain had, too, so how come Illyria can striing thoughts together, let alone speak without a voice box. Sloppy ME writing again.

I'll pay you to come up with a good enough rationalisation that I can use in Soul Searching.

Re: Tried to come up with a title for this - failed


As I see it, there's no rationalisation really why vampires need blood exactly, other than it's a condition of their existence. Why Illyria might eat is, perhaps, not to preserve life, but to preserve the shell. As it's dead already, either way you look at it that body is kept mobile by magic of some sort. Why then can't that magic process food?

Lovely and funny. I so love the God-King and what you do with her. :)

I just love writing her. Going to have to come up with some more ways of describing 'glare' though.

I love your brain. :)

But it's such a scary place!

"I will not eat the ovulation of such low creatures."
Must remember that one the next time someone offers me eggs!
Great drabble, enjoyed it!

That would be worth seeing for their reaction!


i wish i could come up with the ideas and themes of your writing style.
How do you manage to create these little master pieces and let alone have the time to do it!

I have plenty of time, in fact I waste a lot of it looking at blank paper and watching Big Brother.

I wish I could know how the ideas come. I went for so long when they didn't it's such a relief. But they tend to breed, plot bunnies do.

I'm late, but loved this. When I was little our Halloween horrors included peeled grapes, which feel like eyeballs if you touch them blindfolded. (Or so we are told - unlike Illyria I've never had a good grope of a real eyeball myself).

I skipped that bit at school. I'm perfectly happy with yucky stuff until it's real, then I'm horribly squeamish.

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