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I'm Sticking with You...

Back from the sleep analysis. And I can't get the glue off.

I hope they managed to measure what was wrong with me, because I barely slept due to the uncomfortable bed and the bloody fire alarm at 3.30 am! Oh, and the smell, the awful hospital stink that reminds me of old people and death. Ugh.

Anyway, all done. Now I have to wait for the results.


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haven'ta clue. The nurses didn't either.

Well, I hope it'll have been worth it. Doesn't sound very pleasant at all.

It wasn't unpleasant. Just rigged up to a machine and sent off to sleep. On a crap bed. I'd have thought you'd want comfort when you're sick.

Eek, I hope they get back to you soon. Shame about the smut.

It wasn't cosy enough for smut. I wrote a bit (of not smut) and went to bed.

Good luck with the results, but not very considerate of them to have a fire alarm. Was it a false alarm in the end? Or did you have to leave the hospital?

Yeah it was a falsie. It's a little difficult to know what to do when you're hooked to a machine and have been told not to move!

Fire alarm at 3am sounds like my most recent experiences in Mancunian hotels. And the beds there weren't very comfy.

I know what you mean about hospital beds being unsuitable for people who are sick.

You too sleepy to do some beta work?

I've been sleeping all day, send it over.

i'm still not getting very far on mine, but I tink it a consentration thing.

What does death smell like ?????

Must have been awful with the smell of piss and shit from old people along with the smell of death (whatever that is like). Am sure you survived OK.

Re: What does death smell like ?????

Maybe not actual death, just something I associate with hospitals. Actually I think it's just antiseptic.


Re: What does death smell like ?????

Why were you there was it stress

Re: What does death smell like ?????

I was being tested for sleep apneoa as my quality of sleep is terrible.

have you anyone idea why your sleep pattern is bad is it connected to your work, what is it you do for a living?

I'm an administrator, but I've had a problem for awhile, long before my present job.

I hope you get the results from the death pit ok i await the outcome! In the meantime I trust you get some sleep it must be terrible if you feel tired during the day, must go now the grass needs cutting!!!!

random, found you browsing the dcd community-- i quite like your icon-- where it is from?

yes, the cat-- although the other one is amusing, i'm assuming you made it

The cat is from the childrens books about Meg and Mog.

I didn't make the octopus, but she was made for me.

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