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This stuff always happens to me

Someone stopped me in the street today and asked me if he could fondle my tits.

I guess the new 'push up and plunge' bra works then.


Did you then ask if you could kick him in the stones? :P

Stupid men.

I haven't been asked anything that rude in a while, thank god. But yeah, that crap has happened to me, too.

Ah, the joys of being busty.


He went away at my polite request, thank god. I wasn't in the best of areas.

Well, at least he was polite enough to ask.

Aside from what he asked, he was very polite actually. He asked for my number too and when I asked to be left alone, he did leave it. I think he was African, they tend to be a bit more polite than your average loony.

*offers thick jumper of men-repelling comfort*

Sorry, that was me trying to be different in my sympathy. It probably didn't work. You have got my sympathy, though - that sort of thing always unsettles me. I'm so unstreetwise it's not even funny.

I don't want to repell them! It's just I don't want the interest of some casual loony on wembley high street. I dunno if I'm streetwise or incredibly naive to be honest, but I've managed okay so far.

I had someone accost me in Brighton once wanting to know why women didn't love him and why I wouldn't consider him. Duh. I was a random passer-by! It was night! (and I perhaps shouldn't been alone) As if I'm going to leap into his arms right there.

I'm so desperately in love with your icon, it's not even funny. Brilliant!

And I had a guy ask if he could touch my boobs once. One of the funniest conversations of my life:

Me: *pulls up to gas station and starts pumping gas*
Guy: Hey, baby, is that a Toyota? *not-so-suave leer*
Me: Uh...yes?
Guy: Can I touch your boobs?
Me: Uh...no! *runs into gas station away from the freaky man*

My conclusion is that men are stupid. :P

Very simliar. Except my chap was probably african by the accent and he asked for my phone number. Not bloody likey.

Least it's better than having insults shouted at you in the street (which has also happened to me).

Oooh! Charming! That stuff happens to me too! Yesterday I got all hugged and patted on. By a ugly wind eyed drooly dude. On a tram. Shit always happens on trams. At least to me.

Ah, and I'm stalking you through nautibitz flist. Can I fondle your tits?

A tit fondler that came via nautibitz' FL, why am I not suprised? :) fondle away.

I shall remember to avoid trams. There is a pub I used go to occassionally, and weird stuff like that always happened to me there.

If I'd have known that's all it took, I'd have asked long ago.

You'd have asked to fondle me? I never knew you felt that way. :D

Well, it was a little flattering.

How could someone even THINK that would be appropriate to ask?


Who knows what goes on in the mind of the creepy people?

Ew. That's so creepy. You should have kicked some goolies.

I need to buy some new bras. Not that I want to be propositioned. The ones I have now are all kind of scruffy.

I didn't have time for gooly kicking, unfortunately.

It was about time I admitted I needed a bigger bra size.

Just when I was thinking, in a midly envious way, that nothing like that ever happens to me I remembered. Last week a boozy old man gave me a rose and told me he wanted to marry me. I was just minding my own business coming home from church.

Why's nobody under 50 and sober open to my charms? :O

It's disturbing that there is so many of themout there.

Not enough time I was trying to get to a wedding. Besides, then I would have had to touch him. Ugh.

Heh. Being pancake-like in my upper-body dimensions I never get that - except in a gay pub once, when a man at the bar nodded and said "Nice tits." But it might have been code for "get out of here, you obvious woman."

Ha! How rude.

I can't say I've ever had them commented on, but I've been accosted in the street before.

Hee. My friend was walking her dogs in the park once, and this elderly asian guy came up to her and asked for directions to the cafe. As she was telling him, his right hand came up and squeezed her left breast like a hooter. He then smiled at her and said "preety laydee". She still has hysterics because all she did was step back smartly, call the dogs and marched off at double quick time. Did she call for help from the park keeper? No. Did she ring the police? No. She just went home and moaned at her partner that they had to move to a nicer area... but then this is the same friend who was "helped across the road" on her way home carrying a long white net curtain pole by an elderly woman who assumed she was blind. Because she didn't want to embarrass the woman, once across the road she carried on, tapping the pavement and pretending she was blind!

Ah that's very nearly a sexual assault, he'll be flashing next.

Heh! That's never happened to me, becuase I don't have any.

No, not becuase I'm really a man.

I think we should get our own back and ask random men if we could feel theirs.

But they might enjoy it, so maybe not.