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Drabble: Gunpowder

The muse is in one of it's good moods. Chapter 10 of the WIP is cracking along despite only little encouragement. (You can't make me stop haha!).

Today I have taken a break from describing Tudor manor houses badly to finish a drabble I started awhile ago, as you might be able to tell:

Gunpowder By Bogwitch
(Buffy, Guy Fawkes Night. Snippet from the Working My Way back to You universe.)

The lights arched high in the night sky, screaming towards their apex, before bursting into colourful showers of sparks, bright and ephemeral; clever neon tricks in sliver, magenta and chartreuse. The heavy, guttural hammer of the bangs thudded like Civil War cannons in the darkness, as if calling through the chilly air like ancient drums invoking primal forces.

The crowd stared upwards, enraptured by the great flowers of fire that blossomed over their heads in the gardens of the heavens. They ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ with each burst, lost in wonderment, hot dogs and muddy children forgotten.

Buffy was just cold.


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That's gorgeous - people can get sickeningly Amelie about fireworks displays. Nice to see it with an outsider's eyes. Poor Buffy.

I don't think Buffy sees the magic in life, except in shoes.

Brilliant. Especially since I'm one of those people who end up just listening to the music.


Won't be seeing you in Cassiobury Park then.

Beautiful piece. Simutaneously sensory and character moment.

And I'm bad, because I hadn't commented on your latest chapter, which I'd absolutely loved. Bad me! Buffy's reaction to the photo was just such a fabulous trigger for her finally opening up.

And I thought you only loved me for my tentacles.

I've not had a chance to read your latest chapter yet...RL getting in the way of LJ again. But I'm sure that it is amazing, as is all of your work.

Tudor manor houses, sounds like fun. I wrote 3 water/sewer capacity study reports this morning. [pouts] I so need to write some fic.

I'm just gogint though the 'noboby loves me' phase of the writing process, it'll be over in a couple of weeks.

I wrote 3 water/sewer capacity study reports this morning.

Bet your life is a laugh-a-minute! :)

Heh. You are funny. :)

You just know she'd rather be out late night shopping.

Froze right through, that girl...

She didn't ask to be dragged into a muddy field on a cold november night just to watch pretty lights. She's ruined her shoes now.

Loved it - great mood-snap at the end, because you'd created such a lovely picture from the beginning. On another note, you used one of my favourite words: chartreuse :)
Civil War cannons and Guy Fawkes eh? :)

Ah, you paint such a vivid picture...shame Buffy can't enjoy it.

She's just sulking about her ruined shoes. I'm sure you can sympathise.


Go, Buffy.

No, really... go.

Pretty fireworks! This one has been a while!

Just a bit.

Psst. This will shock you, chapter 10 is almost done.

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