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Now got an effing Conservative MP. And there was 499 votes in it. Grrr.


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It might not be so bad as you think. We have the Tory who was in before with an increased majority, mainly because he actually works really hard for the community he represents and is effective. Better to have an MP with the wrong colour ribbon who works for you, than an incompetent yet ambitious idiot who does nothing, but with the right colour rosette.

Yes, I have had dealings with politicians at work...

That remains to be seen.

I'm hopping mad, the whole area has gone blue by slim majorities.

Protest votes, probably. I'm pretty ambivalent about which party forms the government, but REALLY can't bear Tone and Cherie. If he had lost his seat I'd be doing the happy dance right now...

Well I just can't bear smarmy tories,far more so than Blair (I realise he also as more than his fair share of smarm).

I've been waching the stats. Labour held the seat at the last election with a lead of only about 2000 votes. With the Lib Dems having only a 12 percent share, it was a wasted vote.

What happens? Everyone votes the Lib Dems up to 17 percent and we become a conservative gain.

Eek, bad luck. 499 votes. Makes you want to batter people.

I did my bestest to vote tactically. To no avail.

Sorry to hear that. Our local Labour MP hung on, much to my surprise.

The whole area is now awash with blue, spit. But they're really narrow majorities. I suppose Michael Howard will be really smug about that, but it's all to did with the swell in Lib Dem support.

Oh that's nothing! We've still got Michael sodding Howard in Folkestone!!! How can people vote for the git? :'(

I pity you.

Glad to hear it! I could be walking down the road next to someone who thought, "That Michael Howard's a jolly nice chap - I think I'll vote for him." The horror!!!! :O

Still at least he's going to stand down. :)

That's terrifying!

And that's great news about Howard.

Sorry for your Conservative - hopefully it will be painless and even horror free.

I probably won't even notice, but still!

[Offers chocolate] Does that help any?

Goodness, the East is really blue now too. I was so shocked, considering I live in student, left wing blinker-land.
Are they doing a recount? Seems like too small a number not to.

Not that I know of. Here's hopin'.

Oops. Even despite all the dodgy postal votes?

Could be worse. Could be... erm... Nope. It couldn't, could it? Still, we've had one of them forever. Misery loves company.

It could be the BNP, I suppose.

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