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Islington gig part 2

Yesterday, ah yesterday. Where to begin? At the beginning, of course…

Got to Belgo's restaurant a bit early and they were closed so went for a walk. On the way back, met hesadevil who'd come to a similar conclusion. We found somewhere to sit and waited for calove and gamiila to arrive and the restaurant to open.

We'd been seated at the table for awhile when calove turned up. She'd been delayed due to car hitting a bridge. We settled in and waited for gamiila. After some more time we decided we'd better start lunch in case we got kicked out. Hah! Little did we know that we would be mid-meal.

The restaurant was on FIRE!!! calove saw the smoke in the basement.

Where was gamiila?

We were all evacuated and told to leave the vincinity as three fire enginees turned up. gamiila was still MIA, and calove and hesadevil needed to check into their hotel. Not knowing when or if gamiila was going to show it was decided to move and call her to met us elsewhere. Except we couldn't get though. calove spent most of the afternoon in the hotel trying to ring or leave a message.

hesadevil was due to meet the CDS crowd in Islingston, so calove and I tagged along. gamiila had still not been located, and we thought we'd probably find her at the venue. The CDS "crowd" turned out to be three people, but they were very nice.

Got to the venue, and gamiila was located safe and sound.

I'm used to waiting for gigs to start, but maybe it was because I was already tired that it felt like an interminably long time last night.

7.10 - Order cider. Decide against braving the hard press of bodies near the front (middle and back) and prop the bar. Terrible view.
7.15 - We start a scintillating conversation.
7.30 - Bored
7.48 - Bored
8.00 - Fangirls start chanting and I cringe.
8.05 - Bland background music stops. We have a marginal peak of excitement until it starts again. Still bored.
8.10 - Where is the effing support band? There is a most unlikely looking man at the bar (but isn't there always at gigs?).
I wouldn't have thought many tattooed biker types would be into JM. Anyone here's partner?
8.11 - Dear fangirls, clap all you like you'll only get the support band.
8.15 - Still nothing. Still bored. Legs still hurt.
8.16 - Getting a little annoyed now.
8.20 - We start a rousing game of I-Spy. gamiila plays like a fiend.
8.25 - Start of riot?
8.26 - I-Spy continues.
8.30 - Some old gits com on stage to bore us to death or drive us to kill ourselves, not sure which.

Right. I'm going to be honest about it, whether it lose me my FL or not.

I was always going to be a hard sell, but I was willing to give him the oppotunity to win me over. Oh dear.

I was entertained, and stayed through the whole thing - given the pain I was in, that was something! But I think it was due to the wrong reasons.

He came on in the 'sexy' revealing shirt of yuck. Sang a song that was okay. Rattled on a bit about nothing (a recurring theme).

'This Town' was awful and I nearly pissed myself laughing.

He sang some more medicore songs badly.

Attempted to play a new song, 'London City' he'd written the night before and hadn't practised by the sound of it, because he fluffed it up and sang it in about three sections (quite endearing really).

He improved a bit singing the faster songs, and 'Civillised Man' was pretty good, I liked the guitar on that one.

There was another terrible song with godawful lyrics. And what is this high singing he's doing? It sounds wrong!

'Birth of the Blues' was okay, but he'd lost me by then.

I think there was a couple more songs that were reasonable, but apart from 'Dangerous' I can't remember them.

Overall, I think JM is obviously enthusiastic and keen, and in a very fortunate position to be able to pull such a crowd, but he's no way good enough musically to be playing such a large audience in this kind of venue. I can't even say that he was playing music that wasn't the kind of music I like, because if it was better, it could have been.

Considering his acting background, he should be a much more professional performer.


No you are not losing me. I am here for the Spillyria:)

Oh, I'd better think about writing some then.

Hey, we're all entitled to our opinions. I don't think anyone is going to defriend you for saying you don't like James. I'm not anyway :)

As long we're all entertained I suppose that's what matters, and i did have a good day.

This sounds so different to the JM I saw at Coventry. It was a much smaller venue of course, so maybe that was the difference. I thought he sounded great. The Islington venue sounds like the sort of thing I avoid like the plague, which is why I was pleased that the album launch was so close to where I live.

There were very few (if any) fangirls at the Coventry gig. Due to the ticket prices being so high, maybe?

You don't really think people are going to defriend you because of a negative review, do you? We all like different things. :)

Oh, and I HATE that shirt! Glad he didn't wear that at Coventry. ;)

I've just seen some pics of that shirt he was wearing


Is he trying to look like a pimp deliberately?

He was just wearing a plain black t-shirt when we saw him. Thank god

Is he trying to look like a pimp deliberately?

Yes! It's a total tease. At the invitable shouts of 'take your shirt off' he said 'I'm hardly wearing it already!'.

If he was that bothered, he wouldn't wear it.

Thanks for that! It was good to hear that basically it was my every nightmare of what could go wrong. I'd have been dead before it started! I've always wanted to like JM's singing, out of loyalty like, but don't.

Still, you endured it all very bravely! :D

I took one for the team!

I suppose if he enjoys it and people are willing to pay to see him sing, he's onto a winner. But frankly, he's just not very good.

And yep, not a good occasion for the non-fit and healthy.

Well, you've not lost me. I'm a Spike-fan first and foremost and to be told that Jm's singing is - well - not particularly brilliant, is not going to put me off in the slightest. lillianmorga has offered to buy me his cd, which will be interesting (opinion on my flist: Better than they thought it'd be), but it's not something I'd ever have spent money on myself. Thanks for the report! :)

It amuses me that people who went on about how wonderful Ghost of the Robot were, are all saying how much better this CD is. :D

Aww, he wasn't THAT bad.

I've never been a huge fan of James's music, but as I said to deb's last night on occassions like this I feel like an a loving parent watching their 'offspring' at a school play. You may not like everything they do, but you're there to smile and wave and 'indulge' him. Which is pretty much what I do! Yeah, he may not be the best thing professionally, but as I still dearly like the guy I like to support him, and of course 'Hem, hem from a distance'

Anf yeah, the necklace looked like he's mugged a transvestite on the way to the gig to get it.

The fact that we could see the necklace clearly from right at the back said a lot!

'on occassions like this I feel like an a loving parent watching their 'offspring' at a school play. You may not like everything they do, but you're there to smile and wave and 'indulge' him.'

Lol. That's such a good decription! As i said, it was a laugh and at least there was a pretty (if bald) man to watch.

It was good to see that you made it too. I'm not really that miserable am I?

Can't disagree with the basics at all.

We lost G again (or G lost us). But we got her back.

How's the head?

We need to keep her on a lead!

The head is fine, the legs still have something to say.

Thanks. I suspect that your review is probably close to what mine would be. Why do really good actors think that they can sing? (And why do models think they can act? Or singers think they can act for that matter?) Just because he's a great actor who can look just like a rock star doesn't mean that he needs to actually be a rock star. Oh well, I suppose if it makes him happy...

I'm trying to be honest.

I didn't think his guitar was that bad, but it's was almost like he was playing to his friends and that might work in a small, imtimate setting but in a big rock club he didn't quite pocess the right kind of presence required. There were three or four songs which were good enough, the rest were... regrettable.

sexy revealing shirt of yuck


Some males should not be allowed to dress themselves without someone else signing off on it first.

don't worry about your opinion. I think I hate it more when people give him blanket praise. I look at it this way--I've paid to see worse.

Glad you got to meet up with hesadevil. Jealous now.

It does make me wonder. He is a bit too casual in public imo.

I have seen worse too, but not usually with so many others lapping it up!

The devil is lovely.

Hmm. To rephrase what you've said, it does sound as if you've done your bit for the team.

Agree with you on the sound. I think he knows his musical talent is modest. I think he really hungers for interaction with the audience, and that's the real reason he does this.

What IS important for you is having a good time, seeing your friends, and knowing your flist isn't going to abandon you because your musical taste differs from theirs.

and, of course, in this case, it quite agrees with MY musical taste.

(Deleted comment)
Hee, I bet I would have the same reaction. I cringe a bit just opening the photos people share of his concerts, so I think I'd cringe even more being there in person, while at the same time wanting him to do well.

Hmm. Definitely some cringing was done, but not as much as anticipated. I just can't listen to his recorded tracks.

I so wanted him to be better.

Shirt of yuck? Are we talking worse than the Beneath You blue shirt of Doom? (Is such a thing even possible?)

The Beneath You shirt is vile, but in a different way. In any circumastances it looks awful, unless you're gay.

The shirt of yuck could look quite nice if worn in a photoshoot with a nice waxed chest and gently positioned to tease, but not when chest is all sprouty and sweaty and hanging off your back in public. No James, no.

Sorry it wasn't all it could have been, but it sounds like you had a pretty decent day anyway. Or at least an eventful one. And it makes interesting reading!

Yesterday was a good laugh, if crippling.

Hm. Well there goes that theory that the music would be better live.


And the shirt of yuck! Gah, i thought someone would've stolen that away from him by now, like the tattoo shirt. ::makes plans::

I actually don't mind the tattoo shirt, but I'm clearly in the minority there. i like scruffy, but he does it so badly.

Well there goes that theory that the music would be better live.

I was hoping that too.