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Islington gig part 2

Yesterday, ah yesterday. Where to begin? At the beginning, of course…

Got to Belgo's restaurant a bit early and they were closed so went for a walk. On the way back, met hesadevil who'd come to a similar conclusion. We found somewhere to sit and waited for calove and gamiila to arrive and the restaurant to open.

We'd been seated at the table for awhile when calove turned up. She'd been delayed due to car hitting a bridge. We settled in and waited for gamiila. After some more time we decided we'd better start lunch in case we got kicked out. Hah! Little did we know that we would be mid-meal.

The restaurant was on FIRE!!! calove saw the smoke in the basement.

Where was gamiila?

We were all evacuated and told to leave the vincinity as three fire enginees turned up. gamiila was still MIA, and calove and hesadevil needed to check into their hotel. Not knowing when or if gamiila was going to show it was decided to move and call her to met us elsewhere. Except we couldn't get though. calove spent most of the afternoon in the hotel trying to ring or leave a message.

hesadevil was due to meet the CDS crowd in Islingston, so calove and I tagged along. gamiila had still not been located, and we thought we'd probably find her at the venue. The CDS "crowd" turned out to be three people, but they were very nice.

Got to the venue, and gamiila was located safe and sound.

I'm used to waiting for gigs to start, but maybe it was because I was already tired that it felt like an interminably long time last night.

7.10 - Order cider. Decide against braving the hard press of bodies near the front (middle and back) and prop the bar. Terrible view.
7.15 - We start a scintillating conversation.
7.30 - Bored
7.48 - Bored
8.00 - Fangirls start chanting and I cringe.
8.05 - Bland background music stops. We have a marginal peak of excitement until it starts again. Still bored.
8.10 - Where is the effing support band? There is a most unlikely looking man at the bar (but isn't there always at gigs?).
I wouldn't have thought many tattooed biker types would be into JM. Anyone here's partner?
8.11 - Dear fangirls, clap all you like you'll only get the support band.
8.15 - Still nothing. Still bored. Legs still hurt.
8.16 - Getting a little annoyed now.
8.20 - We start a rousing game of I-Spy. gamiila plays like a fiend.
8.25 - Start of riot?
8.26 - I-Spy continues.
8.30 - Some old gits com on stage to bore us to death or drive us to kill ourselves, not sure which.

Right. I'm going to be honest about it, whether it lose me my FL or not.

I was always going to be a hard sell, but I was willing to give him the oppotunity to win me over. Oh dear.

I was entertained, and stayed through the whole thing - given the pain I was in, that was something! But I think it was due to the wrong reasons.

He came on in the 'sexy' revealing shirt of yuck. Sang a song that was okay. Rattled on a bit about nothing (a recurring theme).

'This Town' was awful and I nearly pissed myself laughing.

He sang some more medicore songs badly.

Attempted to play a new song, 'London City' he'd written the night before and hadn't practised by the sound of it, because he fluffed it up and sang it in about three sections (quite endearing really).

He improved a bit singing the faster songs, and 'Civillised Man' was pretty good, I liked the guitar on that one.

There was another terrible song with godawful lyrics. And what is this high singing he's doing? It sounds wrong!

'Birth of the Blues' was okay, but he'd lost me by then.

I think there was a couple more songs that were reasonable, but apart from 'Dangerous' I can't remember them.

Overall, I think JM is obviously enthusiastic and keen, and in a very fortunate position to be able to pull such a crowd, but he's no way good enough musically to be playing such a large audience in this kind of venue. I can't even say that he was playing music that wasn't the kind of music I like, because if it was better, it could have been.

Considering his acting background, he should be a much more professional performer.

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